Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

5 Strategies for a Seamless Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

As parents, we’re on the frontlines of our children's major life transitions. One of their most significant leaps occurs between Year 6 and Year 7: the transition from Primary to Secondary school. It can become a little overwhelming at times and brings on a mixture of anxiety and uncertainty (also excitement, we hope!). Our goal at BAC is to create fond memories of their last year of Primary school while also developing a sense of positive anticipation for their next phase of schooling. Based…

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Friday, 19 Apr 2024

Fuelled by the Glow: WOW 2024

We’re just weeks away from Week of Worship (WOW) and, if you bought the t-shirt, you will have already noticed that our theme for this year is Glow Up. Pastor JP and Pastor Annalise introduced this spiritual and cultural theme at the College Commitment Chapel in Term 1. It acts as a scaffold for much of our messaging this year and is the focus of Primary and Secondary WOW. Glow Up was inspired by phytoplankton. These are living ocean organisms—marine drifters—that emit light in a chemical…

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Thursday, 11 Apr 2024

Five Steps to Get Ready for Prep

Getting your child ready for Prep can be daunting, especially if this is your first child or if this little one is more sensitive to change than most. We suggest five practical ways to make the transition easier. Step 1: Increase their level of independence Start by gradually withdrawing your assistance when it's time to go out. Dressing and completing other self-care tasks, like brushing their teeth, going to the toilet, and combing their hair independently, gives them a sense of…

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Early Learning and Prep Thursday, 21 Mar 2024

BAC Students Unite for Harmony Week Project

This week, we embraced the richness of our cultural diversity through a vibrant community art project led by Year 11 students Jessica R (left) and Ruby M (right) as part of Arts in Practice. The project celebrates Harmony Week and the theme: Everyone Belongs.Jessica R and Ruby M led a collaborative art project to celebrate Harmony Week At the heart of the initiative is the message that everyone has value, regardless of culture or heritage. Governor-General of Australia David Hurley and his…

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Thursday, 14 Mar 2024

Counsellor's Corner: Tips to Help Your Child Through NAPLAN

I get nervous whenever a storm rolls in. It sets my mind racing, and I can't stop thinking about the lightning just around the corner. Over time, I've learned to confront my anxious feelings by seeking out facts and asking myself questions. I remind myself that behind all the noise and spectacle, a storm replenishes our water supplies and cleanses the air. This week marks the start of NAPLAN testing for students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9—a time that inevitably stirs up higher levels of anxiety…

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Friday, 01 Mar 2024

Counsellor’s Corner: A Culture for Better Mental Health

“Mental health” has copped some negative press over the years. Despite advances in awareness and understanding, it still holds a considerable stigma in Australia. Negative attitudes, beliefs and misconceptions can make dealing with mental illness harder than it should be. The way we see “mental health” should be no different to how we see physical health. Over a lifetime, the average person sits at many points along the continuum of health. When a young person faces challenging life…

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Thursday, 22 Feb 2024

Transformative Research: BAC Teachers Impact Academic Discourse

The results of research into an innovative teaching project trialed at BAC were recently published in TEACH Journal of Christian Education. Initiated by BAC teacher-researchers Clinton Jackson, Jarrod Cherry, Tamika Hansford, Justin Hunter, and Talyse Stanton, the project explored a feedback cycle designed to assist students in identifying and understanding where they are going with their learning, how they are going in reaching that goal, and where they need to go next. This cycle, as our…

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Friday, 16 Feb 2024

Keeping Score of Sport for Term 1

BAC Swimming Carnival 2024 WINNING HOUSE: Congratulations Stradbroke! For the third year in a row, we congratulate Stradbroke House on winning the BAC swimming carnival. After a postponement the week before due to rain, our swimmers made up for lost time the moment the starting whistle sounded. No less than 15 records tumbled on the day! This year, students were introduced to a new event – the Crocodile Relay. An inflatable animal relay that requires the whole house to participate. Naturally,…

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Thursday, 08 Feb 2024

People of BAC: Enhanced Learning Teacher Jenene Parker on Learning Needs

Jenene Parker enjoys teaching children at both ends of the learning spectrum: those who struggle and those who are academically gifted. She says that a particular type of teaching and learning may work for most students, but it doesn't mean it works for all students. This is where Jenene can help. As a case manager and Enhanced Learning teacher, she designs educational strategies, services, and supports for children with additional learning needs. She is not new to this field, although she is…

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