Learning Monday, 01 July 2024

BAC Wins Science Grant to Take Students to the Great Barrier Reef

Did you hear the news that Brisbane Adventist College (BAC) has been awarded a grant of almost $15,000 from the Queensland Government's Engaging Science Grants program? We announced it in the last Fast News Friday of Term 2. This unique Department of Environment, Science and Innovation grant will financially support our 2024 Year 12 Aquatic Practices students as they embark on a unique Citizen Science project! Set to take place off the shores of Great Keppel Island this term, the Aquatic…

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Learning Friday, 26 Apr 2024

Anzac Day Reflections from a BAC grandparent

On Wednesday, our ceremony commemorating Anzac Day welcomed guest speaker Terry Docking. His personal journey captivated us all, and he was introduced by grandsons Edward and Harry, who currently attend BAC. Our principal accompanies guest speaker Terry Docking as they place a wreath beneath the flag Terry's family history is intertwined with military service. His father, uncles, and father-in-law all served their country. Two died in a trench at the Somme in World War I, and another faced…

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Early Learning and Prep Thursday, 21 Mar 2024

BAC Students Unite for Harmony Week Project

This week, we embraced the richness of our cultural diversity through a vibrant community art project led by Year 11 students Jessica R (left) and Ruby M (right) as part of Arts in Practice. The project celebrates Harmony Week and the theme: Everyone Belongs.Jessica R and Ruby M led a collaborative art project to celebrate Harmony Week At the heart of the initiative is the message that everyone has value, regardless of culture or heritage. Governor-General of Australia David Hurley and his…

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Learning Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024

People of BAC: Counsellor Mtho Ngcanga on the Benefit of Conflict in Families

BAC’s Mtho Ngcanga believes we are brought up to believe that conflict is bad, and we must avoid it at all costs. As a College counsellor, he has a different perspective on family conflict than most, having grown up in apartheid South Africa, and believes in the value of fostering differing points of view within a healthy family. “Conflict begins when people have different ideas—which is both healthy and okay! The way we manage it, however, makes all the difference. Do we argue or reason with…

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Early Learning and Prep Monday, 22 Jan 2024

Built-in Besties' First Big Day

It was a big morning in the Watkins’ household. Identical twins Ben and James had been anticipating their first day in Prep at Brisbane Adventist College, Mansfield, for what seemed like forever and the big day had finally arrived. Uniforms on, backpacks loaded, and photos dutifully taken, the time it took to drive to school was spent asking last-minute questions and absorbing expert advice from worldly big sister Grace who is in Year 5 this year. Parents Kirsty and Tim, on the other hand, were…

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Learning Tuesday, 19 Dec 2023

Incredible ATAR Results for BAC Graduates

BAC graduate Ethan H received the great news that he had achieved a perfect score in his Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) last week. Invited to unveil his results at the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre, he discovered that out of more than 27,000 students from the Queensland Year 12 cohort, he was one of just 34 with a top rank of 99.95. Ethan plans to study engineering next year and shared this advice for future school leavers: “Focus on Year 11. Even though it doesn’t count…

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Learning Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Children's book authored by BAC teacher

Year 2 teacher and children’s author Kris Wigglesworth used his own picture book to start a discussion with students in their Health unit this year. Written while Kris was still at university, the picture book is now used as a teaching resource in Adventist schools around Australia, leading Primary-aged students on a journey of discovery about the effects of spending too much time behind screens. With the story taking place over a fictional week, Kris incrementally introduces research-based…

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Learning Thursday, 09 Nov 2023

Art Students Exhibit at Institute of Art

Artworks by Brisbane Adventist College Year 12 students Mattia and Zara were selected for exhibition at the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art earlier this month. Exhibited in Windsor, Creative Generation celebrates the best Year 12 work from across Queensland and is designed to inspire other high school Art students to develop works with greater conceptual complexity and aesthetic interest. We are incredibly proud of our contributing artists! Click on the titles of each…

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Learning Friday, 02 June 2023

Excursion Gives Students Firsthand Understanding of the Legal System

Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students were recently given the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the legal system through an excursion to the Brisbane District and Supreme Court. The purpose of this outing was to provide students with a tangible, firsthand experience of courtroom proceedings. They could witness the practical application of legal principles taught in the classroom. By observing the careful process of empanelling a jury, the Legal Studies students saw how this adds to…

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