Early Learning and Prep

Early Learning and Prep Monday, 22 Jan 2024

Built-in Besties' First Big Day

It was a big morning in the Watkins’ household. Identical twins Ben and James had been anticipating their first day in Prep at Brisbane Adventist College, Mansfield, for what seemed like forever and the big day had finally arrived. Uniforms on, backpacks loaded, and photos dutifully taken, the time it took to drive to school was spent asking last-minute questions and absorbing expert advice from worldly big sister Grace who is in Year 5 this year. Parents Kirsty and Tim, on the other hand, were…

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Early Learning and Prep Wednesday, 14 June 2023

BAC United in Reconciliation

In unity and understanding, the entire college community came together to celebrate National Reconciliation Week in a special Chapel earlier this month. This annual gathering serves as a focal point for fostering reconciliation within the college, and this year's theme, "Be a Voice for Generations," and the parallel between the pursuit of reconciliation and our belief in God's reconciling love for His people, resonated deeply. From the youngest participants in the Early Learning Centre to…

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