7 ways to stay in the loop this year

1. SEQTA Engage

Communication and information shared between you and your child's teacher will be via SEQTA Engage. Secondary students will communicate directly with their teacher via SEQTA Learn.

An email is sent to all Primary and Secondary parents at the beginning of the year (or soon after enrolment). Parents have one week to set up the apps before provision expires.

2. BAC App

If you have a smartphone, download the 'Brisbane Adventist College' app from Google Play or the App Store. Using the app, you can communicate vital information to the College, such as absences, and receive important information and news.

3. FastNews Friday

FastNews Friday will drop in your email inbox every Friday afternoon. It is a regular, reliable, relevant, and up-to-date source of information about school events, new processes, and a snippet of good news. Usually it will relate to the fortnight and/or term to come.

Your FastNews Friday email will be easy to scan so that you can identify the parts that are relevant to you, and make it easy to understand the steps you need to take next.

If you wish to update the College database with an email address that is better for this purpose, please send details to the College. If you receive emails into your spam folder or any other folder instead of your 'Primary' inbox, you may need to change your email settings.

4. Current Families section of this website

This part of the website holds information directly related to your child's attendance at BAC. You will find the Current Families menu at the top of each page on this website.

5. Facebook

Like the page and make sure you are 'following' us to see a wide range of news and articles.

6. Instagram

Follow the Brisbane Adventist College Instagram account to receive posts from us in your feed. Here you will find snippets and snapshots of BAC students and staff - all the fun, good stuff. Tap the heart to 'like' our posts or stories.

7. Student Travel Manager (STM) - BAC bus service

BAC uses School Travel Manager (STM) and the STM Parent App for our private bus service. The cloud-based system incorporates swipe on/swipe off technology, increasing safety for student travellers, and information availability for parents. A live feed allows parents to view the exact location of both their child and the bus, and receive alerts regarding delays due to poor weather or traffic conditions. With this system, you can rest assured that all compliance standards are met in full.

For further information, refer to the BAC Bus Service page.

Frequently asked questions

How do I inform the school of my child's absence?

There are two options:
Brisbane Adventist College App: 'Absentee' tile, or website: Report an Absence.

Who should I contact if I can't find the information I need?

If it's a question for your child's teacher, please send them a direct message via SEQTA Engage.

If it's a question for the College, perhaps regarding a school event, email or phone (07) 3347 6444.

How do I get hold of the school in an emergency?

If you need to get in touch with the College or your child urgently during school hours, call Administration on (07) 3347 6444.

If there is an emergency on campus, the College will send out information via several channels. These may include:

  • An email to your nominated email address, if circumstances require you to have vital information
  • A call or text to your nominated emergency phone number, if the emergency involves your child
  • BAC app
  • Facebook/Instagram

How will I know if the BAC bus is running late?

The STM Parent App ensures convenient and consistent communication between parents and the College. If a BAC bus is running late, you will receive an alert via the app.

How do I tag/untag year levels on the BAC parent app?

You will automatically receive notices from every part of the College (from the ELC to Year 12) unless you narrow down which year levels you wish to subscribe to.

Notices are often relevant to the whole school and are therefore not classified for one particular year level.

To tag/untag subscriptions:

  • Open your Brisbane Adventist College App
  • Click on ‘Subscriptions’. It will ask you to select your tags
  • Click on the tile that says the following with a tick to the right-hand side: Year Levels (14) ELC, Prep, Year 1, +11
  • You will come to a selection grid where you can untag the subscriptions/year levels you do not wish to hear from
  • If you untag every year except the year level/s your child/ren are in now, you will need to re-subscribe to their new year levels at the beginning of each year