We have a long association with international students. Students study at BAC for 40 weeks every year, five days per week. The school year begins at the end of January and finishes in early December when there is a long summer break of approximately eight weeks.


Learning at BAC is highly interactive. Students are encouraged to participate, acquire knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills and thinking. They are required to demonstrate this through discussions, speeches, assignments, essays, and exams. The wide range of subjects taught at BAC provides a sound foundation for further study. The key learning areas are English, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Studies of Society and the Environment, Technology, and Health and Physical Education. Electives are offered in Secondary that lead toward university and vocational options after school.

The School Year

The school year consists of two semesters of 20 weeks each; four ten-week terms with approximately two weeks' holiday in between each term

Parents can expect three reports on their child's academic progress throughout the year. An interim report is issued at the end of Term 1 and gives parents an indication of whether or not their child is making satisfactory progress. The Semester 1 report is issued halfway through the year and gives grades for each subject for the first six months (Term 1 and Term 2) of the year. The Semester 2 report is issued at the end of each academic year, giving overall grades for each subject for the entire year.

Fee and Policy documentation

Please read the important information contained in the fee and policy documents below. An interpreter can be arranged if necessary; however, if language is a barrier to enrolment please consider hiring an education agent.

Restorative Approach to Behaviour Management

We have embraced a restorative approach to behaviour management, with reconciliation and the restoration of relationships at the core of our framework. Our approach reflects and supports our school community's shared expectations about student engagement and behaviour. Our policies and approach towards behaviour management are set within the context of the school's values and our expectation of student behaviour, which we call The BAC Way.

Agency Address Contact number Principal Agent Mobile number Email Website
Baron Education
Suite 4H, Level 4, 231 George Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000
(07) 3012 9048
Eric Lee
Dom Education Pty Ltd
Level 6, Suite 3, 138 Albert St, Brisbane, Qld 4000
(07) 3012 8383
Joseph Kim

All international student education agents must meet the following strict criteria.

Communicating with teachers

Parents of international students are encouraged to make appointments with their child's teacher if they are concerned or wish to discuss their child's progress. If overseas, parents can arrange a time to talk to teachers by calling the College on the number below. An interpreter can be arranged if necessary, or call to arrange a time with your agent.

Prep to Year 12: +61 7 3347 6444

Email: international@bac.qld.edu.au

Complaints and appeals

If you have a concern and remain unsatisfied after talking to your child's teacher, please make an appointment with the Director of International Students. If still not satisfied, please follow the complaints and appeals process outlined in the policy below.