Absences and late arrivals

We value punctuality. Regular school attendance and timely arrival is essential for all students, and we encourage all parents and students to make this a priority.

You can also report an absence using our BAC app, or by emailing absences@bac.qld.edu.au

Unexpected absences

Parents are required to report daily unexpected absences before 8:45am via the BAC app, via the BAC website or by email absences@bac.qld.edu.au. Please do not email the class or form teacher as has been the previous practice. However, if the matter is a pastoral care or welfare matter, please also communicate with the class/form teacher. Year 11 and 12 students in particular are required to submit a medical certificate if their absence results in them missing or not submitting a scheduled assessment task on the due date. All extended absences also require a medical certificate.

Late arrivals

All students who are not at class/form class at 8:45am must report to the relevant campus office and sign in. Primary students must have a parent or guardian with them and Secondary students will need a written form of parent permission. Students are to then take their time stamped sign-in slip and present it to the class teacher immediately. Lateness should be a rare occurrence.

Long term planned absences

Planned long term absences of more than two weeks, must be applied for by contacting the College office and an Application for Exemption Form completed by the parent at least four weeks prior to the proposed absence. Extended absences will have an impact on a student’s learning and must be carefully considered. Missed assessment tasks in Year 11 and 12 will jeopardise a student's eligibility to receive a Queensland Certificate of Education.

Parent notification

Once the school day has commenced, parents of absent or late students, who have not notified the College of their child's absence or lateness, will be sent a short text message. This will usually be sent around 10:00am each day.

The message will read either:

Dear parent, Lucas has been recorded absent at BAC today. Please contact the office to notify us of the absence. Please do not reply to this.


Dear parent, Lucas has signed in late to BAC today. Please contact the office to authorise the lateness. Please do not reply to this.

Once you receive this message we request that you respond and report the absence or late arrival with a short explanatory email to absences@bac.qld.edu.au. Office staff will then be able to resolve the absence in SEQTA. In some sensitive situations it may be appropriate to also follow up the email with a phone call.