We want to place a high-quality, caring, Christian education within the reach of as many families as possible. Our fee information, discounts, and fee calculator are designed to provide you with the information you need to plan your budget and is aimed at being as simple and easy as possible to understand so that you know what you are paying for.

We offer sibling discounts, prompt payment discounts, concession card discounts, many inclusions in the basic fees, and our Fee Assistance process to support eligible low-income families.

Please ask us a question if you would like any more information or need some advice.

Sibling discounts

Discounts apply to tuition fees only. Families with two or more children, who are currently enrolled at the College and are on the one fee account, are eligible for the following discounts. The figures below are the total charge per child, and include all fees and levies.

2024 Sibling discounts Term or annual

Prep - Year 2

Year 3-6 Year 7-10 Year 11-12
2nd child, 15% discount
Term fee

Annual fee









3rd child, 30% discount
Term fee

Annual fee









4th child +, 100% discount
Term fee

Annual fee









Prompt payment discounts
  • Annually: full annual payments attract a 4.5% discount on the tuition fee portion of the fees, after all applicable discounts.
  • Term: term payments attract a 4% discount on the tuition fee portion of the fees, after all applicable discounts, and are normally due by the Thursday of the first week of term.
  • Payment plan: You may also enter into a payment plan which allows you to spread the cost of fees across the school year. Payment plans are arranged with the College's Business Manager.
Concession card discounts

Families who are in possession of a Pension Card or Low Income Healthcare Card (LIHC) are eligible for a 25% discount on the tuition portion of their fees. Please complete a Fee Assistance application form.

2024 Inclusions

We pack a lot into your fees!

Inclusions Prep - Year 6 Year 7-8 Year 9-10 Year 11-12
Tuition Fee
ID Card
Online learning resources

*Excursions - All excursions are included for Primary, and excursions for all core subjects are included for Secondary.

Accounts and payments

Your fee statements will be distributed electronically prior to the start of each term. According to the Fee Payment Agreement that you will enter into at the time of enrolment, payments can be made via:

  • direct payments to the College's bank account
  • EFTPOS (savings and credit) over the phone
  • Centrelink
  • cheques or cash
Withdrawing a student

We ask that you provide a full term's notice prior to withdrawing your child from the College during the academic year to avoid being charged the full term fees for the following term. Should the College be in the position whereby it is necessary to cancel a student's enrolment, or where you withdraw your child within 28 days of the beginning of the term, a fee equal to one half of the term fees will be payable.

Due dates for payment
Term start date
Term end date
Fee due date
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4