Smaller class sizes

Our school is big enough to give your children good choices when it comes to friendships and learning opportunities, and small enough so that they will be individually known and cared for.

Why does school and class size matter to you and your child? See how BAC's size makes it the perfect fit.

A proud record of high achievement

An emphasis on service to others, a long history of sporting excellence, and a variety of opportunities for speech, drama, and music performance.

We offer a wide range of co- and extra-curriculars. See what your child can get involved in.

God is at the centre of everything we do

We foster the value of Christian service within the school and outside of it through student-led worship, our Chaplaincy and pastoral care teams, and a shared desire to be a Christ-centred learning community.

We welcome students of all faiths in our school community. See how your child will be supported emotionally, spiritually, and educationally.