Co- and Extracurriculars

We offer students a range of programs to find their passions and develop their interests, as well as learn practical skills.


We encourage students to participate in a variety of service opportunities, challenging them to engage mentally, physically and emotionally. As a result, we see young people develop stronger character: self-reliance, discipline, compassion and a robust belief system. Each Term, the College has a particular focus for all service initiatives, both school-wide and grade-based.

Sporting excellence

Our sporting programs have always been about supporting and developing the athleticism, skills and potential of our student athletes, while also giving them the opportunity to grow and develop their character through the many lessons that sport teaches.

Our hope is that students who are part of our sport program can find a space in one of our many teams or individual pathways, where they feel supported, challenged and a sense of pride in representing BAC.

We have a strong focus and commitment to our three marquee sports of Basketball, Futsal and Touch Football, with each one having its own long and proud history.

Music, Drama, and Performance

We believe that a disciplined study of music and drama not only enhances creativity but also cultural participation, good study habits, and memory skills. We utilise music and drama on a weekly basis in Chapel, which adds meaning and richness to our relationship with our Creator God.

We hold a musical production each year, hosted alternately by our Primary and Secondary campuses. This fosters a strong tradition of excellence in student performances from Prep to Year 12 and the opportunity to take lead, supporting or chorus roles, or be a member of a backstage crew for sets, hair, make-up, choreography, and more.

Students are welcome to audition for our Primary Choir, which performs at school and external events.

Our students can choose to take private Instrumental Music lessons from expert teachers in Strings, Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, and Flute.

Musical ensembles provide the opportunity for students to learn, rehearse and perform together in larger groups and in unique settings such as College events, church services, music recitals, and eisteddfods.


Our student-led, peer-mentoring STARS program connects Year 10 and Year 8 students, equipping them with leadership experience, communication skills, supportive networks, and setting positive futures in motion. Our Book Buddy program brings Year 6 students together with Prep children to create positive and empowering reading experiences.