Primary Wednesday, 24 May 2023

BAC Digital Art Exhibition

We invite you to explore the profound theme, #ChooseJoy, with us. Inspired by the College's overarching spiritual theme for 2023, this series delves into the meaning of a lasting and transformative kind of joy—one that transcends fleeting moments of happiness derived from achievement, possessions, or adventure. #ChooseJoy resonates deeply with our community, having served as the spiritual centerpiece during our 2023 WOW Week, and is a recurring motif in our weekly Chapel programs. It also finds…

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Primary Monday, 22 May 2023

Artists #ChooseJoy Together

A small group of artists from various grades and support, teaching, and leadership roles across the school gathered this morning in the Secondary Visual Arts room. Their mission was to create nine captivating pieces of multimedia, abstract art that would contribute to the overall look and theme of this year's Reflections yearbook. Fresh off the exhilaration of last week's WOW event, the artists channeled their thoughts and emotions about the theme #ChooseJoy into layers of shape, colour, and…

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Primary Friday, 19 May 2023

Speakers Show the Way to #ChooseJoy in WOW Week

This week, Priscilla Mariassouce and Rhys Charleson have painted a powerful word picture of what it means to truly #ChooseJoy. The five-day Week of Worship (WOW), which ended today, has immersed students in the joy of colour, music, drama, prayer, and storytelling. From a mosaic of experience, a clear image has emerged: choose Jesus, accept His gift of salvation, and this will lead you to profound and lasting joy. Who are Priscilla and Rhys? Rhys is our guest speaker for Primary WOW. He…

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Worship Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022

Musical review: The Prodigal Clown

Exuberant and joyful, a tapping-on-the-heartstrings spectacle: such was the impact of Brisbane Adventist College's Primary production of The Prodigal Clown. This story of a father's unconditional love (Aquinnon Sanele) for his two sons and his extended circus family was heart-warming, filled with fun, dad jokes, hilarious clowns, an over-eager knife thrower (Lucy Cantrill), a hard-working but implacable older son (Arlo Purtell), and a clown with a smile that was only painted on. Daring deeds…

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