We invite you to explore the profound theme, #ChooseJoy, with us. Inspired by the College's overarching spiritual theme for 2023, this series delves into the meaning of a lasting and transformative kind of joy—one that transcends fleeting moments of happiness derived from achievement, possessions, or adventure.

#ChooseJoy resonates deeply with our community, having served as the spiritual centerpiece during our 2023 WOW Week, and is a recurring motif in our weekly Chapel programs. It also finds expression as a unifying element in the pages of our annual College Reflections magazine, a cherished memento that families receive at year's end.

With great pleasure, we present this exhibition to you. We hope this artwork evokes joy and sparks conversation for each viewer.

Exhibition banner
Digital Art Exhibition
This exhibition showcases a collaborative art project led by Miss Krysten Rowe, BAC Head of The Arts. Nine artworks were created by a group of student representatives, one teacher, one staff member, and one member of the leadership team. Through a unified colour palette, plus shape, form, and line, these multimedia pieces express the theme 'Joy'. The artworks will be displayed in the Administration block, added to the school's permanent art collection, and featured in the 2023 Reflections magazine. Read more here.

Miss Krysten Rowe (Teacher representative)
Mrs Lauren McCrostie (Support Staff representative)
Mr Lance Usher (Leadership Team representative)

Students across each stage of education:
Sophie M (Y12)
Sienna S (Y9)
Peh S (Y8)
Austin P (Y5)
Thomas J (Y3)
Frankie R (Y2)