Keeping Score of Sport for Term 2

BAC Cross-Country Carnival Results, 2024

Congratulations to Stradbroke, this year's winning house; members of Stradbroke also broke a Cross-Country record, running a combined 361 km! A total of Individual records were broken across all age groups.

Age Group 1st 2nd 3rd
5 year-old GIRLS
Chloe B
Malaika M
Romona S
5 year-old BOYS
Jack P *New Record*
Zayden W
Milun W
6 year-old GIRLS
Genesis M & Bella M *New Record*
Lucile E
Emmie J
6 year-old BOYS
Lachlan Y *New Record*
Ethan N
Aaryan C
7 year-old GIRLS
Phoebe G *New Record*
Taya R
Meleah S
7 year-old BOYS
Kylan L
William M
Jonathan N
8 year-old GIRLS
Ilaria C *New Record*
Tia T
Lesia R
8 year-old BOYS
Andre N *New Record*
Caleb I
Louis H
9 year-old GIRLS
Luciana A
Hannah C
Irene K
9 year-old BOYS
Jacob M
Alex A
Raiden M
10 year-old GIRLS
Aria H
Genevieve P
Esther B
10 year-old BOYS
Isaac P
Kaleb W
Adrian A
11 year-old GIRLS
Eden-Grace I
Mischa S
Joanne C
11 year-old BOYS
Malachi C
Adriel R
Damien S
12 year-old GIRLS
Marley A *New Record*
Emily P
Sophie M
12 year-old BOYS
Daniel P
Eli C
Lachlan W
13 year-old GIRLS
Olivia M *New Record*
Bella G
Emma A
13 year-old BOYS
Riley D *New Record*
Liphelo N
Levi H
14 year-old GIRLS
Emily S
Mia M
Madeline L
14 year-old BOYS
Jasper C
Bramwell S
Daniel T
15 year-old GIRLS
Laura N
Matilda H
Abigal H
15 year-old BOYS
Zander L
Donnel N
Khalipha N
16 year-old GIRLS
Anna C
Abigail N
Aarcha G
16 year-old BOYS
Kaleb D *New Record*
Jason D
Edward W
17 year-old GIRLS
Monique L *New Record*
Odessa V
Vasnie N
17 year-old BOYS
Toby H
Deng G
Jeremy Z
18 year-old GIRLS
Susan N
Engelica K
Siena G
18 year-old BOYS
Jamon Q
Blake L
Harrison H