Mr Peter Charleson


After graduating from Avondale University in 1989, my wife Shelley and I embarked on an adventure to Papua New Guinea. Our time spent living abroad and teaching in a different culture was not only exciting, but also enriching and rewarding.

Upon returning to Australia, my next challenge was to teach Design and Technology in Adelaide South Australia where I remained in SA working in a variety of educational roles, for almost 30 years, with no regrets. Helping students to grow Christ-like characters to become successful citizens in this world and the next, is a passion that has not faded over time.

While in Adelaide, my wife and I raised two sons: As a family, we love being as active as possible in the outdoors. Some of our favourite things we enjoy are running, hiking, kayaking, camping, four-wheel driving and snow skiing.

Since 2011, I have served in several school executive leadership roles; most recently, in 2022, as Principal at Brisbane Adventist College. In these positions I have enjoyed working with students, parents, staff and the wider community. I relish the challenge of growing school communities that are: Christ centred institutions, with strong academic results, that instil a warm, inclusive culture that continues to grow and expand in students and their families lives long after they have graduated.

Principal's First Principles is a series of editorials by Mr Peter Charleson.

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