Passion, Dedication, Hard Work: A Teacher's Journey to Touch Football Success

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Mr Martin Rutkowski, HPE teacher and Sports Director here at BAC, played at the Inferno Nationals Touch Football championships in Coffs Harbour recently. Selected in the Brisbane Cobras’ National Men’s 30s division, his team played with great form, which gave Mr Rutkowski the opportunity to use his speed and agility to score multiple tries on the wing.

After a great tournament, the team finished runners up. Mr Rutkowski says that this was possible because the team worked together, played their positions, and put in the necessary training and effort. He emphasises that no one person is the hero in a team, and it takes a collective effort to achieve success on the field.

He also acknowledges the abilities of their nationals coach, Ryan Endehipa. In an unexpected though welcome twist, both men are alumni of Brisbane Adventist College (Mr Rutkowski graduated in 2007 and Mr Endehipa graduated in 2009). They have played many lunchtime games together, represented BAC at interschool competitions, and played in local community competitions. Mr Endehipa played for the Brisbane Cobras before becoming a nationals-level coach.

“Ryan is really big on team culture, doing your job, and being defensively strong,” says Mr Rutkowski. “His high energy fills you with confidence and positivity. It was a great experience to have him as coach.”

This philosophy of effort and teamwork is at the heart of our approach to sports. As a marquee sport, touch football plays an integral role in our sporting program and Mr Rutkowski's passion for teaching the game has fostered a love for touch football. He has also been influential in our students’ adoption of the values inherent in team sports, which lead to success both on and off the field.

Also integral to this story is Mr Rutkowski's family. His wife Sarah, who currently teaches in our Enhanced Learning Department, and their three children are a testament to the importance of supportive community. His biggest fans, cheering him on from the sidelines and celebrating his achievements, their involvement in his journey reflects BAC’s focus on teamwork, collaboration, and community.

As a community, we congratulate Martin Rutkowski and his family on this latest achievement. We are grateful for their dedication and positive impact on our students.