Clinton Jackson

Secondary Teacher, Years 8 and 10 Science and Year 12 Physics
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching (Honours) (Avondale College), Master of Science (Physics) (University of Queensland)

I am responsible for supporting teachers to design high quality teaching and assessment in Years 11 and 12 and work closely with our learning and teaching team to collaboratively lead our College's continuous pedagogical improvement journey, supporting teachers across our campus to implement research based techniques to improve the learning of all our students. On behalf of our College I successfully applied for two Independent Schools Queensland grants over two successive years. The grants have partnered our College with researchers from the Science of Learning Research Centre to apply research derived feedback techniques in our teaching and learning.

I hold two degrees across the areas of science and teaching. I completed the science component of my undergraduate degree with a major in physics and a minor in mathematics. My honours thesis was in the area of science education and I conducted research into the philosophical foundations of a common approach to science education. The research part of my master's degree was in the area of computational physics in which I studied the accuracy of numerical methods to solve a particular equation in quantum mechanics.

I am a Member of the Australian Institute of Physics and is a Certified Lead Teacher. I've given presentations at both state and national science teacher association conferences and have been published in Spectrum, the Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums. As a result of a presentation that my master's research contributed to, I have an Erdős number of 6.

I'm passionate about student learning and I'm committed to students gaining the knowledge and skills they need to be of transformative service in this world, and ultimately to be able to enjoy service in the coming world. As part of my commitment to service, I've led a total of seven mission trips from our College to complete service projects in Solomon Islands.