New Tradition for BAC Athletes

Last Friday, more than 50 medallions were presented to student athletes in recognition of their success and commitment to sport at the inaugural BAC Sports Awards breakfast. The casual pancake breakfast and awards ceremony was attended by over 120 students and many parents who helped us celebrate community, hard work, and achievement.

"We want to instill pride, excellence, and commitment in our students," says Head of Sports, Mr Rutkowski. "We're proud of the success our teams have achieved and we want them to feel proud, too."

In 2023, 40 students achieved regional, state or national representation, and 43 age-champions were rewarded for their efforts in our highly competitive individual sports carnivals.

"I was stunned by the depth and breadth of our sports offerings at BAC," said Mr Charleson. "For a population of 300 Secondary students, we certainly punch above our weight in sporting accomplishments! This would not happen were it not for the tenacity of teachers, staff, parents, and students."

"I'm very proud of our students and love seeing them do well," commented Mr Rutkowski.

Enjoy our photo gallery below.