Historic Basketball Success for BAC on Gold Coast

Resounding cheers echoed across the courts as Brisbane Adventist College celebrated an historic triumph at the 2023 ASC (Australian Schools Championships Basketball) held on the Gold Coast. In an extraordinary showcase of skill, determination, and teamwork, our U20 Boys basketball team clinched the Gold Medal in Division 3, while the U17 Boys demonstrated their prowess by securing Silver in the same division—an achievement that will be remembered as an exciting chapter in our school's sports history.

U20 Boys: Gold in Division 3

The U20 Boys basketball team demonstrated unmatched excellence, defeating formidable opponents to claim the Gold Medal in Division 3. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication of our athletes, the guidance of our coaches, and the unwavering support of the entire Brisbane Adventist College community.

U17 Boys: Silver in Division 3

The U17 Boys followed suit, showcasing exceptional talent and determination throughout the ASC Championships. Their journey culminated in a well-deserved Silver Medal in Division 3. This accomplishment highlights the depth of talent within our basketball program and the commitment of our young athletes to strive for excellence.

Special thanks to all contributors

The success of our teams at the ASC Championships would not have been possible without contributions from many. We extend heartfelt thanks to our coaches and the support staff who played a crucial role in the behind-the-scenes efforts that paved the way for success. A special mention goes to BK Basketball and the Brisbane Bullets for their unwavering support throughout the year. Your partnership and encouragement have been instrumental in the success of our teams in 2023.

Gratitude to parents and school staff

Parents cheered from the side-lines, school staff offered encouragement, and so many contributed to the early morning breakfasts, and all of these are part of this year’s success. Your dedication to our athletes and the basketball program is greatly appreciated.

Undefeated streak

This triumphant ASC Championships marks the conclusion of an impressive run for our senior boys, who remained undefeated in all competitions throughout 2023. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the caliber of our athletes and the strong team culture fostered at Brisbane Adventist College.

Congratulations to our U20 Boys for bringing home the Gold, our U17 Boys for their Silver, and to everyone who contributed to this historic success.

Written by the BAC Sports Department