2023 Secondary Swimming and House Results

BAC students shattered no less than 20 swimming records this year at the Secondary Swimming Carnival earlier this month. It was a great start to 2023 sports, and students swam their hearts out for a Stradbroke win in the cumulative annual House competition. Fraser and Moreton will get their chance to even the score at other sports carnivals, including the Upper Primary Swimming Carnival on Thursday, 9 March.

Swimming Results So Far


Age Champion

Runner Up Records and Reps
Male 12 year olds
Timothy N
Tyler H
Tim broke 2 records @ BAC carnival
Female 12 year olds
Eloise J
Evelyn O
Male 13 year olds
Harry W
Jack B
Harry: Districts + Regionals qualified: Jack: Districts + Regionals qualified
Female 13 year olds
Matilda H
Hannah W
Matilda: Districts qualified
Male 14 year olds
Max H
Kyden H
Female 14 year olds
Laura N
Matilda H
Male 15 year olds
Jason D; Kaleb D
Ethan C
Jason: Districts + Regionals qualified; Kaleb: Districts + Regionals qualified
Female 15 year olds
Anna C
Morgan P
Anna: Districts + Regionals qualified | Broke 5 records @ BAC carnival; Morgan: Districts + Regionals qualified | Broke 1 Records @ BAC carnival
Male 16 year olds
Benjamin N
Toby H
Ben: Districts qualified
Female 16 year olds
Monique L
Adela S
Monique: Districts | Broke 1 record @ BAC carnival
Male 17 year olds
Ethan H
Benjamin S
Ethan: Districts qualified
Female 17 year olds
Casey A
Sarah W
Male 18+ year olds
Kaden A
Oliver M
Kaden: Districts + Regionals qualified | Broke 6 records @ BAC carnival; Oliver: Districts
Female 18+ year olds
Jorja W
Erin B
Jorja: Districts | Broke 3 records @ BAC carnival; Erin: Broke 2 records @ BAC carnival