Principal's First Principles: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

Reflecting on my journey as principal of Brisbane Adventist College over the past two years fills me with gratitude. From the celebratory highs to the invaluable lessons learned, it's evident that God's hand has been guiding us every step of the way, shaping our community, and illuminating our path forward.

Two years ago, we revisited our college values. We wanted to ensure that they truly embodied who we are now, and what we stand for. This gave us clarity and direction, weaving a cohesive narrative that now permeates every facet of our school life. Integrity, Respect, and Joy aren't just words; they're lived experiences that foster a nurturing and caring environment for our students.

Our latest annual report speaks volumes about the social and educational climate here at Brisbane Adventist College. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers alike, it's evident that our commitment to fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and excellence resonates deeply with our community. The high favourability scores and heartfelt testimonials underscore the profound impact of our values-driven approach, the emphasis we place on providing a holistic environment for our students, and the collaborative partnership between all stakeholders.

Together, we're dedicated to character development and instilling a belief in the potential and worth of every child. Drawing inspiration from writer and founder of Adventist Education E. G. White, we aim to cultivate individuals who are resilient in both mind and spirit—individuals who embody integrity, courage, and purpose. Our focus on nurturing critical thinking, transferable skills, perseverance, and a spirit of service prepares our students for academic success and a life of meaning and contribution to their communities.

As we reflect on our journey and look forward to the future, let's continue leaning on our values, embracing new opportunities, and trusting in God's guidance. With His blessing and your support, I'm confident Brisbane Adventist College will continue to flourish—and be a place where every child feels cherished, respected, and empowered.