Why choose an independent school?

As the Principal of Brisbane Adventist College, I am often asked to explain the difference between state schools and private schools, the difference between public schools and independent schools, the difference between private schools and religious schools... and what that means for your child's education.

Independent schools, like BAC, are exactly that - independent of many aspects of their state's public school system. This means we are responsible for designing and delivering our own curriculum, managing our finances and staffing, developing extra- and co-curricular content and being accountable to our governing body, while still complying with the same legislation and government policy as state schools.

Christian independent schools

Most independent schools are aligned with a particular faith or an educational philosophy, and we are proud to be a Christian school which is part of the international Adventist Education network.

Our College is an independent co-educational school with students in Early Years, Prep, Primary, and Secondary. We are open to families from all backgrounds and faiths who want an inclusive community that is caring, safe, values-based, and sets high academic standards.

Adventist Education is the largest protestant schooling system in the world with nearly 9500 institutions educating over two million students each year. In Australia this is a network of 48 schools and 13 early learning services, educating nearly 17,000 students and young children.

Independent school fees

We are among the most affordable independent schools in our region and our families are supported by a range of fee discounts and inclusions. You can see our transparent breakdown of 2023 school fees and use our fee calculator tool to estimate your costs for single or multiple students with relevant discounts.

Why choose an independent school?

Every family's circumstances are different and no solution is universal, but it is clear that independent schools in Brisbane and around Australia are an increasingly popular choice.

Even with such a diverse range of options for your child's education, I believe these attributes make Brisbane Adventist College a compelling choice:

  • Strong Christian values and ethics
  • The flexibility of being independent of the state system while still being part of a large national and international education network
  • Low school fees keeping a high-quality Christian education within reach for as many families as possible.

What do I need to learn before applying to enrol?

Choosing your child's school is the most important investment you will ever make, so it's important to learn all you can and feel comfortable and supported during the process before you apply to enrol.

You can book now for upcoming Open Days for Prep, Primary, and Secondary. We also offer campus tours which give future families a chance to meet teachers and students and talk to them about life at BAC.

Our fee calculator will help you to estimate your school costs for one or more children, and the breakdown of fee discounts and inclusions will show you how affordable our school can be for your family.

If you have any more questions, please ask us and we will be in touch.

Mr Peter Charleson