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You can't miss INSPIRE!

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Next Wednesday evening, November 8, BAC will proudly present our inaugural: INSPIRE Creative Arts and Technology Exhibition.

The work of our secondary school artists, artisans and inventors will delight, surprise, humour and provoke you. It is a harvest of the imagination, understanding and skill, expressed in form and detail.
  • Do you love the practical, the aesthetic and the funky-weird? 
  • You think it would be fun to make fruit play like a musical instrument and tap dance on a giant piano?
  • You think you can identify which book in our spy movie library has the secret compartment? (Or maybe they all do!)
  • You've got a taste for Etsy-inspired clothing and garden party frocks? 
  • You're keen to see a miniature car powered by a gas canister and motorboats made out of a bucket of recycling? 
  • You've imagined what you would want to do with a 3D printer if you had the chance? 
  • You'd like to know a little more about this generation’s thoughts and dreams through art, design and photography? 
  • You want to see the stunning work completed by our Year 12s in the form of folios, installations and projects? 
  • You'd like to take in some short films in our popup outdoor theatre? 
This exhibition is nothing short of an experience. It’s almost time to put down our tools, clean up our workshops, and unveil our final plans…. 
See you at INSPIRE Creative Arts and Technology Exhibition!


Wednesday, November 8, 6:30 to 8:30pm
Brisbane Adventist College – Secondary Campus
Parking available on Wishart Road, Wishart 
Drinks and snacks provided


Here's what our teachers say about the creative arts and technology students and how they get inspired:
“I often find that I’m surprised by the creativity and quality of the work my students produce. They take you by surprise and I often learn from them.”
“I like seeing kids who may not be super academic or sporty enjoying something that they can get their hands onto.”
“We encourage them to try new things so they don’t get stuck in a rut. They may have received compliments when they used a technique or received a great grade in the past but we want them to experiment, not just stay ‘safe’.”
“They definitely have things they gravitate towards, like social issues or themes, a particular aesthetic or style. But when we try new things, we expand.”
“To inspire students, we look at the work of other artists, designers, photographers, inventors and artisans. This can give them a little spark of an idea and they want to try a new technique or new idea... Something will suddenly click with them.”
"My goal is to know much less than my students by the end of the year."
"STEM is not about transferring a teacher’s knowledge. It is about the exploration of the unknown in the classroom."

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