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Below is a story told by Jack’s Dad, about how a clew of worms and some PVC pipe led to a winning idea.
The worm farm all started with a Gardening Australia competition. The competition was to, in 25 words or less, send in your best organic gardening idea. We had just done a little father and son project together to make the worm farms, so we sent in our entry. It sounds like there were a few prizes to give away and we were lucky enough to win one. Our idea was to put a homemade worm farm into each one of our rotational garden beds. That way each garden bed benefited from having a worm farm and, all our garden scraps from the vege garden could go in.
Jack was very excited when we won. Jack also had to explain a procedure for his upcoming Year 1 Show and Tell, so the worm farm was an obvious choice. We needed to make a few more anyway. Rather than just take in the worm farm to school, I decided to get Jack to make it while I filmed it for him. He did really well and it was a great boost to his confidence. I suppose the rest is history.
I still have to teach him a bit about his maths. He’s been offering to make 3 for $120 or 2 for $40. Maybe that’s the next project!

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