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There was something in the air...

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Raising a Stink

The year-end holidays were about to commence. The students were gone. As a last contribution to the school year Mr Peter Morey, Mr Jim Searle, and several others, decided that the playing fields on both sides of the creek looked rather tired and unhealthy. What could they do to bring renewed health and vigour to these fields? As scientists, Morey and Searle knew the solution. The nitrates found in Chook poo! So, some forty or more cubic yards of fowl manure was trucked in and, using two tractors, the team cheerfully spread the fowl stuff evenly over the fields. Task completed, the men scattered to their holiday destinations confident that when they returned for the new school year the grass would be verdant and lush.

You guessed it, soon after they left it rained. Not only did the manure disintegrate, but it began to give off a pungent smell. This odour pervaded the school ground and buildings. That was OK because they were empty. But a strong reek is not confined by man-made boundaries. The effluvium invaded the local community in strength and an ever widening circle. Much to the dismay of the neighbours, their homes became almost unliveable. Their only recourse was a flood of phone calls to anyone they knew associated with the School. Of course, with time the problem sorted itself out. The perpetrators, meanwhile, blissfully enjoyed the balmy breezes of the Gold Coast and similar exotic places completely unaware of the great stink they had left behind. Later, however, it took a while for them to live down their chicken manure escapade.
Author - Arnold C. Reye Brisbane Adventist College - A Short History
Celebrating 50 Amazing Years at BAC

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