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On Tuesday 30 May, 67 Students studying Digital Technologies, Coding and STEM attended an exhibition put on by the University of Queensland Physical Computing students at The Edge in Brisbane.
The UQ Students were tasked to make a computer based device that was not controlled by its intended users in a conventional manner such as keyboard and mouse. BAC students were encouraged to explore these new concepts and engage with the university students to provide feedback and any new ideas that they considered during their time at the exhibition. 

BAC students engaged with motion detection devices, Virtual Reality challenges, Biometric data senses (gathering social media data) and much more.

One of the student's favorite exhibitions were the "Table Talk" concept where a group of individuals would sit around a flat touch screen set-up as a coffee table. They would simply start brainstorming as a group. Images of their ideas they had just said would pop-up in front of the individual on the table. For example, someone could have said "Story Bridge" and an image of the story bridge would pop-up. The users could then re-size and or move these images around into different areas for later consideration or refinement.

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