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The storm started at BAC!

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Queensland is used to boiling up a storm or cyclone or two. In 1992-3 a storm of another kind was born. It began with some students talking with the BAC chaplain, Mr Jerry Unser, and urging that he find them some activity that would witness to their faith. Unser mulled over this and together with the students came up with the idea of creating a storm in western Queensland towns that had no permanent Adventist presence. You could call it a drought-stricken region of Queensland.
The idea was to spend a week to ten days helping the local community in any way possible–painting community facilities, carrying out repairs, cleaning unsightly areas, planting gardens–and to provide special programs for the children. The first STORMCo (Service To Others Really Matters) team went to Charleville. It was an adventure and it proved to be a fun thing. Most storms strike once and then dissipate, but not STORMCo. This storm refreshes the parched inland at least once a year and sometimes more frequently. Furthermore, this tempest has spored similiar happenings in other parts of Australia and New Zealand. Although not all STORMCo participants are Year 12 students, some are even past students, yet there are those who on the completion of their final year studies elect to engage in a week of serving others as their right of passage from high school to the wider world. How this behaviour contrasts with the notorious Schoolies Week with its focus on self-pleasure and self-indulgence! And let's not forget that kicking up this kind of storm started at BAC.
Author - Arnold C. Reye Brisbane Adventist College - A Short History
Celebrating 50 Amazing Years at BAC

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