Speech Competition

Public speaking is a critical proficiency for many people these days, not the least for when they are confronted by a panel of potential employers at a job interview or delivering a presentation to bosses and coworkers. It is also essential for leadership, a key skill for students as they progress through each phase of schooling, and a tool for developing positive, confident social interaction.

The College’s annual speech competition for students from Years 3 to 6 is an activity that every child participates in. Whatever their level of confidence or ability, the opportunity to speak publically accelerates research and communication skills and motivates young people to develop evidence-based points of view on a range of topics.

The competition occurs in three rounds; firstly in the classroom, then through a semi-final round where finalists are selected to present their speeches to a broader audience and judging panel.

Public speaking in the form of speech and debating competitions helps students:

  • Improve reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Develop critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity
  • Increase engagement with other students
  • Excel academically and personally


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