Our medium-sized co-educational Christian College is situated on sweeping, park-like acreage in the leafy suburb of Mount Gravatt. On separate campuses divided by Bulimba Creek, we offer the complete Early Learning to Year 12 experience. Our dynamic Christian learning community includes a staff of more than 80 people and a student population of 525.
At our College, God is central. Our motto “Everything with God” is something that we stand for and truly believe. We find that keeping God integral to everything we do simply makes life better! He is at the heart of our College: aligning us as a teaching staff, forming the basis of strategies in the staffroom, informing our behavioural standards in the playground, mapping the way forward for service, collaboration and the quality of our relationships, and providing the inspiration for our restorative discipline practices.
Innovation at Brisbane Adventist College is not about racing the wealthiest schools to the forefront of 21st Century technology at the expense of good quality teaching. We employ modern technology in practical ways to enhance College communication, learning and teaching. You will find computer technology employed extensively but appropriately in all of our classrooms. Our new learning management system (Parent Coneqt and Student Coneqt) and our parent app foster strong community connections and communication processes.
However, we recognise the truth of that old Shakespearean saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Innovation should not just be about shiny new technology and state of the art buildings. Innovation at our College is more about employing human resources effectively, finding the best methods of teaching and learning, and guiding our students to better reflect on their learning practices in order to improve the way they think. We actively engage in ongoing reform of our teaching and learning practices.
Over the past five years we have adopted Robert Marzarno’s Art and Science of Teaching, designed to provide optimum environments for individuals to develop the thinking and skills that will serve them well throughout life. The learning culture at our College allows students to fully engage in their own learning journeys, understand their development, and set personal learning goals. Whilst academic excellence is valued, so too is student endeavour. Personal strengths are highlighted and contribute to an emerging picture of each individual’s purpose and passions in life.
Many of our past students have left the College to pursue tertiary study in the most sought after professions, including medicine, law, dentistry, teaching, youth work, ministry, international project development. Others have left to pursue successful careers in trade and vocational industries such as child care, hospitality, beauty therapy, personal care assistance, electrical, plumbing and cabinet making. Through the guidance and support of teachers at Brisbane Adventist College, our students find their passion and purpose, and develop the mindset and skills to lead fulfilled lives as effective and contributing members of society.
Leanne Entermann
College Principal




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