Peer Mentoring

The College addresses the spiritual, social and emotional development of young people at various stages of their development.


Stars is an extended youth development program that supports Year 8 students through four fully integrated phases. It is designed to improve youth engagement, attainment and cooperation, and develop resilience and goal setting.

The program provides leadership for Year 11 mentors, helping them to build confidence, improve communication and relationship building skills, and strengthen their time management and planning skills, which together supports increased social and academic outcomes.

STARS involves matching trained Year 11 students as mentors to their Year 8 counterparts and includes the following four components:

  1. Peer Mentoring: Year 11 students are trained to be Peer Mentors and follow a structured program that addresses key life skills such as goal setting, time management, good communication skills and building positive relationships.
  2. Adventure Camp: Students work through a series of outdoor and indoor activities to develop positive relationships and teamwork.
  3. Community Adventure: Students spend a fun day exploring their local area, achieving certain challenges, while learning about what is available to them within their community.
  4. Community Project: Students plan, organise and spend a day giving something back to their community.


  • To support Year 8 students
  • To provide challenging and fun experiences in a supportive environment that develops teamwork, self-confidence and resilience
  • To provide mentoring opportunities and leadership skills for Year 11 students
  • To facilitate caring relationships between students and between students and teachers
  • To develop a sense of responsibility and connectedness to the school and wider community


Empowered Girls

Empowered Girls is a special evening of pampering, treats, fun and nurture held every term for girls from Years 5 to 9 and their mums, aunties, grandmothers or other significant woman in their lives.

Mission Statement

To surround girls with a network of women – an ‘army of aunties’ – to love, nurture, mentor and influence them. The “Empowered” team are passionate about helping generations of girls to live for Jesus.



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