Tours & Immersions

BAC encourages participation and challenges students mentally, physically and emotionally. As a result, we see young people develop stronger character: self-reliance, discipline, compassion and a robust belief system.

As part of our focus on experiences, secondary students are given many opportunities to take part in tours and immersions, some revolving around cultural immersion or sporting tours, and most involving a service aspect. 

Service tours 
  1. The annual StormCo Trip goes to the remote town of Mungindi on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. It is a coming of age tour for senior students and graduates who choose to usher in young adulthood by serving others, completing odd jobs and projects, and hosting a variety of social and sporting events for local children and youth. 
  2. The biennial SonShip trip to the Solomon Islands goes to remote villages and schools dispersed over several islands. In preparation, students fundraise and organise resources for projects they will complete in the local schools and villages. Faith building and culturally immersive, our students engage with the local families and students and participate with their hearts, minds and hands. 

Humanitarian projects

    BAC encourages students to look for ways of doing more to serve. A humanitarian project that came out of the 2017 SonShip trip was initiated by Year 12 students Asha Morgan, Gisreine Nyandwi and Ciara Henley. They noticed that female students lacked suitable, affordable sanitary napkins and discovered that this has a huge impact on education for girls. Without suitable sanitary items, many girls spend significant quantities of time away from the classroom spend every month.  When they got home to Australia, Asha, Gisreine and Ciara worked with Mr Jackson to partner with Days for Girls and were soon returning to the Islands with washable, reusable sanitary pads, hygiene products and information booklets educating teenagers about their menstrual cycle.

"We were staying in a proper house but were privileged to walk through the girls’ dorms - their only real toilet is a pit with a roof and no walls around it." 

"You don’t need to be in a leadership position to be a proper leader."