Sporting Excellence

More than playing games, sport is a vehicle for growth 

Our sporting excellence program focuses on growth across all areas of the curriculum and school life: including training, school work and behaviour. Personal accountability is a prerequisite for participation, and when this is an expectation, students uniformly lift their game across every aspect.

Our policy is that if student athletes commit, they must work hard. They must do their best. They must strive to be good individual players as well as great team members.

Involvement in fundraising is an essential inclusion for student athletes who wish to go off campus on team trips. It is a privilege to represent our College in competition, and we believe team spirit is strengthened through setting and reaching goals both on and off the field. Sport is about so much more than glory or defeat.


1. Athlete Development Program (Yr8 commencing in 2021)

The College Athlete Development Program (ADP) was introduced in 2020 for Year 7 students and will extend into Year 8 in 2021. The program utilises a variety of coaching and training principles through different sports to improve movement competency, coordination and athletic performance, as well as leadership, teamwork and communication skills. 

Successful completion of the two-year program will prepare students to transition into the Year 9 and 10 Sports Academy program. The ADP supports student from a variety of sporting background including athletics, basketball, cross country, football, Futsal, netball, swimming and touch football. Practical and classroom sessions focus on assisting and empowering students athletes to achieve their sporting and academic goals.

Application process applies.

2. Sports Academy (Yrs 9 & 10)

Basketball and Touch Football are the two marquee sports that form the basis of our Sports Academy Program for Years 9 and 10 HPE students. Entry to the program is through talent identification for each sports code.

BAC has historically excelled in Basketball and Touch Football. We have a foundation of great coaching, a strong game culture and a reputation to uphold. Both sports can be played by boys, girls and mixed teams, a vital consideration for a coeducational College and competitive opportunities in Queensland. As a result of the Sports Academy, top athletes and teams are now competitive at unprecedented levels and students are well-prepared for the senior Physical Education elective.

Video: Sports Academy, 2019 Innovation Awards


In 2020, Brian Kerle Basketball and Brisbane Adventist College embarked on a partnership.

Brian Kerle has long been a figure of Australian legend for his skills as a basketball player in the 1972 Summer Olympics and as a quadruple championship-winning coach in the National Basketball League. Of more recent years, Brian Kerle Basketball has assisted young people on and off the court with a wide range of training, clinics, specialist programs and a community focus. BK Basketball has changed the lives of many young people, including serious basketball players the likes of Brock Motum, Mitchell Young, Brendan Teys and Cameron Bairstow.

The partnership with Brian will benefit the ADP and Basketball Academy program primarily in the area of skills, drills, leadership development and game opportunity. Brian's contacts with American coaches is a boon for individual skill development of our student athletes, who also have special access to workshops run on Sundays by BK Basketball.


As well as our marquee sports, the College offers opportunities in a range of Tier 2 Sports, including volleyball, netball, futsal and cricket, which are available for students at a District level. Coaching is provided where possible for students who excel and wish to pursue their sporting dreams. Swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals offered throughout the year also provide opportunities for students to participate in and excel at traditionally individual sports. Supported by the sports department, our athletes regularly represent the College at district, regional and state levels.

District Sport choices are available for Secondary students on SEQTA Connect.


The College actively pursues opportunities for competition with sister schools. For this reason, we have added several progressive cups to our districts and regional competition calendar. Along with providing a channel to state and national level competition, we also prioritise the opportunity for social interaction and cultural development that sport provides.