Prep is a place of sunlight, excited faces, colour and curiosity. Located on the primary campus, but with dedicated classrooms and playing area, BAC Prep is a true child-centred space. It is a welcoming place for children as they take this step into formal learning. The first full-time year of schooling for Queensland children prior to Year 1, children generally turn 5 by June 30 of the year they enrol in Prep. (Parents may delay their child’s start by one year if they believe that their child is not ready.)

Quality Learning

The two modern Prep classrooms at BAC are equipped with hands-on learning materials and interactive spaces that maximise learning potential. Our Prep teachers provide just the right mix of challenge and support that coax young minds, hearts and hands on a journey of discovery and towards a life-long love of learning. The key learning areas that form the basis for the curriculum as students advance through school, are meticulously introduced here.

The College employs Robert Marzano’s instructional model that promotes positive learning environments, explicit instruction, and effective feedback. Each lesson is designed to assist students interact with knowledge, develop their understanding, test their ideas about what they have learned, and further their thinking skills. Every aspect of our teaching and learning is informed by our Adventist worldview that each individual is a child of God with unique and immeasurable value.

Wellbeing and Support

Prep has separate classrooms, a separate bathroom, and a playground that is used exclusively by Prep and Year 1 children. This provides a sense of security and safety. As the year progresses and our young students settle into their new environment well, they make connections with the rest of the College through primary chapel services, assemblies, book buddy time with Year 6, and special events such as Grandparent's Day, junior athletics day, and primary Week of Worship. Increased interaction with Year 1 includes shared play times and classroom visits, and visits by the Year 1 teachers to Prep. This gives Prep students the confidence to move smoothly into Year 1 and ‘big school’ when the time comes.


Preparatory teachers deliver learning in line with the Queensland Early Years Curriculum Guidelines, which is based on the Australian Curriculum. During Prep, the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum are first introduced.

The Prep teachers work as a team to program and plan activities, giving children from both classes the opportunity to play together and participate in whole class activities, rotational groups, combined performances, excursions and differentiated learning groups.

During this transition into formal schooling, we place emphasis on literacy and numeracy acquisition for each child. Prep subjects may include:

  • Religious Studies (God gives me skills, God’s plan to save, the gift of Jesus, gift-wrapped friends)
  • English (the three strands of language, literature and literacy focuses on skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating)
  • Mathematics (number, counting, practical addition and subtraction, patterns, measurement, shape, location and transformation, data)
  • Integrated Studies (including science, history, geography, civics, health, dance and drama)
  • Design and Technology (includes construction and computing)
  • Visual Art (creating artwork in different forms and responding to artwork)
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Music (beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, form and harmony, timbre and instruments)
  • Languages (introduction to Chinese Mandarin)
  • Physical Education (e.g. soccer, athletics, basketball and swimming)

BAC Distinctives (Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities)

In Prep, these distinctive offerings have the development of the whole person in mind:

Spiritual enhancement:

  • Week of Worship

Social inclusion:

  • Book buddy time with Year 6
  • Grandparent's Day
  • BAC Values program

Talent development:

  • Private music lessons on campus (not included in tuition fees)