Junior Secondary

Students from Years 7 to 10 are going through one of the most challenging transition periods of their lives. Not only are they preparing to face significant choices about their future, but they are also navigating the precarious adolescent years, a time of rapid change in many aspects of their lives. Brisbane Adventist College's goal is to help them successfully and safely transition through this period, consolidate and build on the foundations of their learning, and prepare for the exciting possibilities for the future, including their senior years.

Supported Learning

Bi-weekly BAC Hub sessions provide additional support by assisting students with homework and assignments, research, study management, and exam preparation. For students requiring additional support, the learning support teacher and teacher aide collaborate with classroom teachers, parents and students to ensure equal access to learning for students assessed with disabilities and complex learning needs. 

Class Camps

The program for every student from Year 7 to 12 includes the annual class camp. However, Junior Secondary includes two programs targeted to the specific needs of preteens and adolescents. 

The Canberra Trip is a great tradition for Year 7 students. This includes a week away, visiting significant landmarks like the War Memorial, Parliament House, Questacon (National Science and Technology Centre) followed by several days on the ski slopes. An exciting event that students look forward to from mid-Primary, the Canberra Trip enhances bonds between Year 7s as well as bonds between students and teachers, a vital step in emerging from the childhood of Primary School to Secondary.

Year 8 is a critical stage where students are prone to periods of alienation and social exclusion. For this reason, the College runs the STARS Mentoring Program, which provides support, enhances character development and modelling for how to have healthy relationships. The learning and bonds that students develop during the program, set adolescents on a course for greater stability and success in their middle secondary years.


The YEAR 7 program assists students in transitioning to the secondary campus, providing stability and predictability in the core subjects. Throughout the year, they are also given a strategic taste of a range of elective subjects.

YEARS 8 and 9 continue the development within key learning areas that provides a strong academic foundation for their senior studies. It is during these years that the faculty-based elective program allows students to explore specialty areas and, by Year 9, they begin their pursuit of individual interests through elective subjects.

YEAR 10 is a year of preparation with the emphasis on increasing independence, consolidating knowledge and thinking about future choices. Year 10 heralds a transition to senior school, with advanced courses in mathematics and science available for students who have demonstrated an aptitude (Maths B and C, Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Throughout the year, students begin a process of formulating a senior phase of learning plan, culminating in subject selection and choices about career pathways for their senior years.

Core subjects for students in Years 7-10:

  • Encounter (religious studies)
  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • HASS (History/Geography)
  • Health and Physical Education 
  • Class Sport

Sample specialisations for students in Years 7 & 8: 

  • Design and Technologies
  • Digital Technology
  • Drama
  • Economics and Business
  • Engineering Technology
  • Home Economics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Language (DSE)
  • Media Arts
  • Music
  • Visual Art

Subject Selection, Years 9 and 10

BAC Distinctives 

Our parallel programs are designed to enhance the growth of the whole person and the development of character.

Spiritual enhancement:

  • Weekly chapel programs 
  • Week of Worship (WOW)

Personal development and social inclusion: 

  • Class socials (each term)
  • Year 7 Canberra trip
  • Year 8 STARS personal development and mentoring program 
  • Empowering Girls program
  • New Zealand snow skiing trip (every second year)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Community awareness:

  • The Kokoda Challenge team fundraising and endurance event
  • Sonship international service trip to Solomon Islands 
  • Community service option for school sport
  • ANZAC Day, Diversity Day and NAIDOC Week celebrations

Talent development:

  • School musical productions (every second year)
  • Ensembles (award winning)
  • Sporting Excellence program (specially organised competitions with district schools that provide opportunities for state and national progression)
  • Careers Expo (Years 10-12)
  • Inter-school debating (Years 5-9)
  • Worship band
  • Music and drama evenings (i.e. Applaud)
  • Private music lessons
  • Academic competitions