Class Camps

Each year, students from Years 6 to 12 go on camp, expedition or trip. These experiences are part of the school curriculum, designed to support personal growth and class cohesion, and enhance a culture of inclusion and empathy. 

Camp leaders and class teachers use teachable experiences to help students develop competencies that will shape a successful and happy life. This involves personal and team challenge where decision making is crucial, and helping students grow in their individual social ability, leadership, and physical fitness.

  1. Year 6 QCCC Outdoor Education at Mapleton
  2. Year 7 Canberra and Snow Trip
  3. Year 8 STARS Mentoring Program & Camp
  4. Year 9 Hosanna Farmstay
  5. Year 10 Nymboida River Canoe Trip
  6. Year 11 QCCC Outdoor Education at Mapleton
  7. Year 12 Sydney Trip


Students in Years 9 to 12 are encouraged to take part in this voluntary award scheme where they do four types of activities, including:

  • Volunteering time to be of service to the community
  • Improving personal fitness and discovering new sports or active recreation
  • Undertaking new hobbies or skills or extending a current one
  • Undertaking adventurous journeys in unfamiliar environments

Three levels may be completely in this consecutive order:

  1. Bronze Award (minimum of 6 months)
  2. Silver Award (minimum of 12 months)
  3. Gold Award (minimum of 18 months)