Social-emotional Literacy

Each year, students from Years 6 to 12 go on camp, expedition or trip. These experiences are part of the school curriculum, designed to support personal growth, class cohesion and social-emotional literacy. 

Our goal is to use teachable experiences to help students develop competencies that will shape a successful and happy life. This involves personal and team challenges where decision making is crucial, and helping students grow in their individual social ability, leadership, and physical fitness.

  1. Year 6 QCCC Outdoor Education at Mapleton
  2. Year 7 Canberra and Snow Trip
  3. Year 8 STARS Mentoring Program & Camp
  4. Year 9 Hosanna Farmstay
  5. Year 10 Nymboida River Canoe Trip
  6. Year 11 QCCC Outdoor Education at Mapleton
  7. Year 12 Sydney Trip


STARS (Students Teaching About Relationships and Success) is a student-led, peer-mentoring program in which select Year 11 students mentor Year 8 students. The Year 11s are equipped with leadership skills through weekly meetings with their program coordinators, who serve as adult mentors. The program coordinator and mentors meet weekly with mentees, grouped in a 1:4 ratio and, through adventure camps and intentional, community-focused activities:

  • Learn to communicate and work with others
  • Build supportive networks
  • Plan and implement community service projects
  • Educate and advocate for critical issues facing teens today, and 
  • Focus on skills necessary for setting positive futures in motion


Students in Years 9 to 12 are encouraged to take part in this voluntary award scheme where they do four types of activities, including:

  • Volunteering time to be of service to the community
  • Improving personal fitness and discovering new sports or active recreation
  • Undertaking new hobbies or skills or extending a current one
  • Undertaking adventurous journeys in unfamiliar environments

Three levels may be completely in this consecutive order:

  1. Bronze Award (minimum of 6 months)
  2. Silver Award (minimum of 12 months)
  3. Gold Award (minimum of 18 months)