Option E Educating

CHARTING COURSE: There is more in you than you think!
Nov 25, 2016

Kurt Hahn was the principal of a German boarding school as Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power. 

Charting Course: Ask the Right Questions
Nov 09, 2016

When our children are in their first years of school, we have conversations with them that sound a bit like this:

Us: What did you learn today, Junior?

The invisibilia of educating human beings and rats
Aug 07, 2016

Imagine a rat. It's sitting in its cage, right there in front of you. Now answer this: Do you think that the thoughts you have in your head (right this instant) could influence how that rat moves through space?

Charting Course: Gradually, Then Suddenly
Aug 07, 2016

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. 

“Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.”

Charting *Course: Stand up and be counted
Mar 11, 2016

Stand up and be counted! This is our theme for 2016. It weaves together all of our academic, social and spiritual programs for the year.

Redesign a Growth Mindset
Feb 13, 2016

Remember from Redesign Your Brain that the brain physically alters with every challenge you encounter?

Debbie Cosier

Redesign your brain
Feb 08, 2016

There was once a school of thought that believed intelligence is fixed and unchangeable. That the IQ you are born with is the IQ you get. Not much you can do about it, full stop.

Debbie Cosier

BAC nurtures young people of character
Nov 24, 2015

Brisbane Adventist College has long been interested in nurturing character in our young people, and it is at this time of year that we often see this blossom into fulfilment.

Family + school = perfect partners
Nov 05, 2015

Parents and schools have an important partnership in educating children. We are both factors in an equation that adds up to successful kids. 


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