Wise Words From Small People

“One thing I could do to make the future better is to…”

by Edward Wade, 6M


The world is big! Did you know that the earth weighs about six billion trillion tonnes? I am small – I weigh about 30 kilograms! So what one thing could little me possibly do to positively impact the future of our very big world? One thing I could do to make the future better is to be generous.

Generosity is essential. Without it families fall apart and communities disintegrate.
Today I am going to show you why being generous is the one thing I could do to make the future better. When I choose to live generously I make the future better in three important ways.

Firstly, when I am generous I feel better about myself. I love my football boots but as I grow I have to get new ones before they are actually worn out! I can choose to keep a collection of my special shoes or choose to be generous and give the ones I’ve outgrown to someone else. When I choose generosity I feel happier because I’ve helped someone else and feel better about myself.

The second way generosity makes the future better is that giving benefits the receiver. We all know how nice it feels to receive a gift. I want you to think of the best birthday present you ever received – how did you feel as the receiver? Loved, important, special? Choosing to live generously makes others feel better about themselves. My generosity benefits the receiver by improving their lives and encourages them to be generous also.

Finally my choice to live generously makes the future better because generosity frees us from the constant want for more. However much we have it is easy to want more! Being generous changes these thoughts. It helps us realise how blessed we already are. Generosity shifts my focus away from me and towards others and offers every one of us a better way to live.

Remember the example I started with – about giving away my football boots? See you don’t have to have lots to be generous.  You can give clothing, shoes, or books you’ve read. You can be generous with your time by helping others. When I was generous with my shoes it made me feel better about myself, it benefitted the receiver, and released me from wanting more. It is for these three reasons that the one thing I could do to make the future better is to be generous.

Yes the world is big and I am small but I can impact the future. I can continue this cycle of giving that impacts others and sets off a chain reaction of generosity.

Why don’t you decide with me to give away just one thing this week and you’ll discover that you already have more than you need and together we will make the future better.

"That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"

By Mia McCrostie, 4M


Picture this… the date is July 20, 1969. 

You are at school; the teachers usher you and your classmates into the auditorium where there is one large TV screen. Everyone is sitting so quietly you could hear a pin drop, waiting with anticipation staring at this screen, hoping to witness something that has NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. The first man to walk on the moon.

It was a time in history where The United states were still recovering from the assassinations of two very influential figures, President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The Vietnam war was still ongoing, with protests and riots in the streets. It seemed that only disheartening stories were playing on the news. The world NEEDED something to lift their spirits.

In the United states the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, had previously sent Apollo space missions to try to complete the first lunar landing. 

They finally accomplished that on that day… July 20… 1969! Two of the American Astronauts from Apollo 11 had made it through that very DANGEROUS and difficult journey to land safely on the moon. 

Commander Neil Armstrong was now the first man to ever step foot somewhere other than planet earth.

Could you imagine having the chance to be one of those school students in that auditorium that day or even one of the other 530 MILLION people worldwide watching such a significant journey unfolding: the anticipation of the unknown… the fear, the excitement of the future course of space exploration and technology.

Watching these men venture into unfamiliar territory, risking their lives in search of answers at a time when the world needed something to look forward to. An heroic race to space and extraordinary moment in history. Staring up into the heavens, picturing what it must have felt like for those brave astronauts on that very historical day...

I could only imagine....

2019 Primary Debating Season

The 2019 debating season is almost upon us and we'd like to invite Primary students to think about getting involved. In debating, students learn how to craft excellent arguments, learn to think on their feet, and develop the confidence to speak publicly. With excellent training through the season, debaters also have the home court advantage because BAC hosts competitions for the region. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more speech scripts from our talented Primary students.