The Innovative Arts

The innovative arts are critical to preparing students for jobs of the future. 

We blend science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEM and STEAM) in project learning across the curriculum. In classrooms where students learn, research and apply concepts and skill from a variety of disciplines, their ability to think critically about problems expands and they learn how to solve problems with their hands as well as their heads.


The annual Inspire Creative Arts & Technology Exhibition features the work of budding Secondary artists, artisans and inventors. The night presents a year’s work in visual arts, media arts, technology, woodwork, home economics and design, graphic art and STEM. 

At INSPIRE, the work you see is a harvest of imagination, understanding and skill. It expresses inspiration in form and detail.

"Of 103 competing schools in the University of Queensland sunflower competition, my Year 10 STEM class won 1st and 3rd in the 'Yield' category. The competition required them to incorporate science, technology, engineering and maths to 'STEM up' their project. I was only there to facilitate." - Mr Martin 

“I often find that I’m surprised by the creativity and quality of the work my students produce. They take you by surprise and I often learn from them.” - Mrs Vogel

“We encourage them to try new things so they don’t get stuck in a rut with an idea, theme, a particular aesthetic or style. We want them to experiment - really expand - not just play it safe.” - Mrs Vogel