The BAC Way

Brisbane Adventist College imparts far more than academic knowledge and skill. We foster the whole person— their spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development.


Learning Values:

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Passion for life-long learning
  • A strong work ethic
  • Innovation
  • Balance in all things

Behavioural Values:

  • Compassion - the spirit of kindness and service
  • Integrity - the spirit of truth and honour
  • Respect - the spirit of dignity and appreciation
  • Loyalty - the spirit of commitment and courage


Everything with God!


WE LOVE AND RESPECT GOD - We speak reverently about God and we share our love for Him with others.

WE LIFT OTHERS UP - We do not use put-downs, tease or bully others. This includes not sending hurtful electronic messages. We always look for ways to build and lift others up.

WE ARE ON TIME - We get to school on time and move quickly to each class.

WE LOOK SMART - We wear full uniform and we wear it correctly and with pride.

WE ARE CLEAN AND TIDY - We organise ourselves, and we do not walk past rubbish but pick it up and put it in the bin.

WE ARE GOOD HOSTS - We greet each other, and all visitors to our school. We stop, smile and we say ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’.

WE RESPECT EACH OTHER - We use our correct names and titles, and make eye contact with others. We speak softly and kindly to all people.

WE LOVE LEARNING - We do our best in class and we do not interfere with the learning of others. We always do our homework.

WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL - We speak well of BAC and we always look for new ways to better our school.

WE ARE SAFE - We do not risk our health and well-being, or the welfare of others.

WE ARE GOOD CARETAKERS - We take good care of our property and respect things that belong to others.

WE ALWAYS DO OUR BEST - We always try to do our best in everything we do, including when we sing, play, learn and speak.