Workshops 'Elevate' student academic skills

Over the course of February, Elevate Education presented a series of interactive workshops developing the academic skills of Year 7 to 12 students to the next level. These skills assist with study at home and will be reinforced in the classroom.

Each year level focused on different skillsets and the feedback from students was positive. We commend them on enthusiastically grasping this opportunity to advance their academic development. 

  • "I personally love how she told us to draw DIAGRAMS! I think they will be a lifesaver!" —Year 7 student
  • "I've learnt how to use fewer words by replacing them with trigger words." —Year 7 student
  • "I think that the most important thing I learnt today was how to manage my learning environment."—Year 9 student
  • "The most important thing I learnt today was how to make simple, informing notes which will help in tests."—Year 7 student
  • "I've learnt that I need to do the hardest homework first." —Year 8 student

Student Web Access

Year 7, 8 and 9 students now have access to the Student Portal at Elevate Education. Here, students can access practice questions, presenter tips and a copy of Elevate's best-selling guide, The Science of Student Success. When students arrive at the Portal, a popup will prompt them to enter a password, which you have been sent via email. Students can also create a profile, allowing them to tailor their experience and save their preferences. 

Parent Webinar - Motivation

If you missed the free Elevate parent webinar on motivation, Elevate has made a recording of the webinar (available here for a limited time).

Get the motivation cheat sheet containing all of the proven techniques revealed in the webinar.

"Wednesday evening's Elevate Education webinar provided highly implementable strategies for motivating your teen to study. The presentation was engaging, easily accessible and time-efficient. Thank you, BAC and Elevate Education, for providing this outstanding resource to parents at the commencement of the academic year, for maximal impact. I'm already looking forward to Part 2: Avoiding Procrastination." —Denton Wade, BAC parent.

Future Parent Webinars

Register your interest here for future parent webinars:

  • Time Management (24 February)
  • Technology Usage (10 March)
  • Note Taking (24 March)