STARS Update

For the duration of Term 2, Year 8 STARS groups have been planning service projects aimed at giving back in some way to their community. On June 13, they carried out their projects that included such activities as knitting blankets for premature babies, making bee-hives for local churches, and washing cars for fundraising projects.

Enjoy a wrap up of on-campus Community Service projects carried out by our STARS (Year 8 mentees, Year 11 mentors and supervising teachers) by clicking this Facebook link:

The ‘Pink Musketeers’ went off campus, visiting, singing, chatting and sharing bags of pre-made goodies with residents in a retirement village at Victoria Point. 

Victoria House residents were so impressed with the genuine care and kindness of the students that they are eager to see the group make a regular return. Victoria House carer Brenda said, “The residents have really valued the girls’ visit and appreciate them taking time out just to sit and chat.” 

Upon their return to school, STARS leader Ms McNeill debriefed with the Pink Musketeers. Here is what they had to say about their experience: 

Year 8 STARS mentee, Liv: It was really nice seeing how happy they were and their smiling faces.

Year 8 STARS mentee, Joria: I was nervous meeting them at first, but when I saw their smiling face’s I felt better. I was very privileged to see all those beautiful people. 

Year 8 STARS mentee, Ashlee: It was amazing how deeply they cared for our lives although we had only just met.

Year 8 STARS mentee, Kristen: I loved how they greeted us and gave us their love. They showed it by smiling, acknowledging us, even by kissing us on the hand or touching our faces. 

Year 8 STARS mentee, Grace: I loved the advice and the take on life that they shared with us.

Year 11 STARS mentor, Anna: They were really cute and enthusiastic, I loved hearing the funny and interesting stories about their lives.

Year 11 STARS mentor, Clanier: They are just lovely.

Year 11 STARS mentor, Adora: It was an important reminder to me of how grateful I should be for the culture I belong to, as our elderly are cared for by family members. Many of the residents are by themselves now and must be taken care of by the carers at the home. It made me so emotional.  

STARS leader, Ms McNeill: As a teacher, I was super proud to witness the connections that were being made between the residents, the carers and our students. The atmosphere was lovely and calm. The Pink Musketeers were naturals at engaging in conversation, demonstrating kindness and genuine care for the residents. One of our students sat by the beside of a resident, chatting with her and the carer, learning so much about their lives. It was incredibly moving. We went with the intention of blessing their lives but came away from the experience feeling like we were the blessed ones. Love people. It is just that simple.

The following photo carousel includes images from Ms McNeill’s Pink Musketeers and Ms Cameron’s car washing team.