Sporting Excellence

Sport is more than just playing games. It is a vehicle for growth. 

Our sporting excellence program is inclusive rather than exclusive. It focuses on growth across all areas of our students' lives, working hard and becoming the best version of themselves. 

Coaches mentor student athletes in every aspect of their school life, including training, school work and behaviour. When personal accountability is a prerequisite for participation, students uniformly lift their game across every area.

We say to our students: “If you commit, you commit. You work hard, you do your best, you strive to be a good individual player as well as a great team member.” 

Video: Sports Academy, 2019 Innovation Awards

Marquee Sports & the Sports Academy

Our two marquee sports were chosen with strategic reasons in mind. They receive the main focus of our attention and organisation and form the basis of our Sports Academy program for Years 9 and 10 HPE:

  • Basketball
  • Touch football

These sports were chosen because they can be played by both boys, girls and mixed teams. This is vital in providing equitable opportunities in our coeducational College and presenting a wide variety of competitive and social opportunities to student athletes.

Brisbane Adventist College has historically excelled in these sports and so we have a foundation of great coaching, a strong games' culture and reputation to uphold. 

Tier 2 Sports

As well as our marquee sports, the College offers opportunities for a range of other sports such as volleyball, netball, futsal, cricket and rugby. Referred to as Tier 2 sports, these sports are available for students at a district level. Coaching is provided where possible for students who excel and wish to pursue their sporting dreams.

Swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals offered throughout the year also provide opportunities for students to participate in and excel at traditionally individual sports. Supported by the sports department, our athletes regularly represent the College at district, regional and state levels.

Calendar of Events

The College actively pursues competitions and relationships with sister schools and devises progressive cup competitions with local and international schools for all of our marquee sports. 

This approach connects sport with social interaction and cultural development, whilst also providing a channel to state and national level competitions. 

As a result of the Sports Academy, top athletes and teams are now competitive at unprecedented levels.

An important part of an athlete’s commitment to sport at the College is their participation in fundraising events for team trips. We strongly believe in student athletes demonstrating personal responsibility for their privilege to compete; however, we also believe that team spirit is strengthened through goals achieved both on and off the field and that sporting ‘richness’ is about much more than glory or defeat.