Principal's Welcome

A fine education is about developing responsible global citizens and helping young people master important skillsets for the workforce. It should also be about identifying passion, purpose and individuality; essentially fostering an internal values system of integrity and character.

Brisbane Adventist College specialises in character. We help young people become good adults. In this environment, they learn how to learn, learn how to assess their options, learn how to extend themselves, learn how to contribute to the community, learn how their actions affect others, and learn how to chart a positive course for the future.

Please browse through our curriculum, specialist programs, and co-curricular activities. Read our charter documents and see how God fits into every part of College life. Peer into the faces of the children in these photos and read what they are up to on our news items and blogs. Take note of the stories of students who have left our College and what they are doing now.

All of these things will give you a sense of what we value and who we are as an Adventist education provider. You will recognise that we are dedicated to providing our best to the young people in our care.

At BAC, education is for life. I warmly invite you to come and see what our College is all about and look forward to welcoming your family into ours.

Leanne Entermann 
College Principal

"through real life experiences like mission service, peer mentoring, projects and expeditions students become crew rather than mere passengers"


Principal's Blog: Charting Course