The P&F Press Release is all about how we, as a community, can be a platform and a voice for the positive growth of our College community. We are here to support the College and make a difference to the development of every student within our school. Below, you will read about our plans and initiatives for Term 1, several of which are about how our College is growing greener by the day!

Get Involved in P&F 

We invite you to attend our P&F meetings this year. The first one will be held on Monday, March 4 at 7pm in the Primary Learning Resource Centre. Meetings are always on the first Monday of the month and are designed for parents, carers and friends to contribute their positive ideas and enthusiasm to our vibrant community. It's also a great opportunity to meet parents from across the College, and be involved in College life. 

We're looking forward to meeting you!

2019 P&F Association Executive Committee 
Role Filled by
Michelle Milzewski
Vice President
Shanyn Cantrill
Lauren McCrostie
Nataly Dragojevic
Primary Parent Representative
Amanda Pavokovic
Secondary Parent Representative
Kathleen Tennent
Teacher Representative
Kirsten Groves

First P&F Press Release!

This year you can expect a P&F Press Release to land in your inbox early every term. It will contain news of the exciting things we’ve been up to and give you an insight into the events to come, how you can get involved, and the things you need to plan for. You will also see P&F news and notices popping up in FastNews Friday, social media, the BAC app and in a monthly email informing you of the next meeting agenda.

Eating Greener, Growing Stronger

We are super excited to confirm that the P&F initiative Munch’n’Crunch is already an exciting new part of our Primary routine. Each afternoon recess, students refuel on fruit and salad vegetables and rehydrate with water. Munch’n’Crunch has been found to improve overall health as well as boost concentration and mental performance in the classroom and on the sports fields.

Need some ideas?

  • It’s hot, so keep it cool. Pack fresh veggie sticks or pieces of fruit in boxes with a freezer brick close by. Freezing a water bottle overnight doubles as a freezer brick and makes the perfect thirst quencher. 
  • Make it fresh and colourful. This will mean you’ll either include a variety of small whole fruit and veggies, or prepare your chopped fruit and veggie sticks/cubes/balls the morning of Munch’n’Crunch so that they don’t become dry and unappealing by recess time. Include something new with something they’re already familiar with. Get them involved in the planning and even in the shopping!
  • Great combinations for Munch'n'Crunch

  • Sugar snap peas & cherry tomatoes
  • Green beans & baby radishes
  • Carrot & cucumber sticks
  • Green grapes, blueberries & whole strawberries
  • Watermelon & rockmelon melon balls
  • Email us photos of your exciting Munch’n’Crunch ideas and we’ll share them on social media!

    Growing Our Gardening Program 

    Our College has had a flying start in our commitment to going greener this year. Teacher Haley Vogel has been active in implementing a policy to make only biodegradable or recyclable plates, cups, utensils and bottles available for school events and the College tuckshop, and investigating ways for increasing school-wide recycling practices. Volunteer and contract teacher Fynn Stark has spent many hours building community and caring for God’s creation by keeping the Gardening Program flourishing. 

    To enhance these initiatives, the P&F Association are encouraging parents, grandparents, and other members of the BAC community to garden with their children this year. Send an expression interest NOW to Fynn Stark for recommencement of the Gardening Program in Term 2. 

    Please contact Michelle Milzewski for further information or to ask any questions about how you can get involved with the Brisbane Adventist College Parents & Friends Association.