"Overflow" by Year 11 Student Zion

"Overflow" was written and performed by Year 11 student Zion at the conclusion of the Secondary Week of Worship in Term 2 this year. He paints a vivid picture of the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan at Jacob's Well, drawing parallels between the Living Water Jesus offered the woman to the offer He makes to us today.

NOTE: Performance poetry is the dramatic exchange between a performer and their audience. The genre is particularly popular with young audiences, as it is a feast for the aural senses and commonly incorporates music, experimental rhythms and unconventional language. 


By Zion Tamiano Loane © 2022

One war, two sides 

Dark versus The Light

Samaritans versus the Israelites

May the Lord forgive His people for their ignorant defiance

for they have the nerve to always be reliant

Now let's pretend you had this dream

of this lady always seen

as a well-known celebrity

But walk out of this fantasy

into reality

And as you can see

fame cost her hostility

Talked down by all the people like you and me

And you and me

made false judgements

All it took

was a bit of consistency

False-now-true judgements

All lies triumphant

Caused her to be reluctant

because she's got beef with the Jews

got beef with her own

got beef with her country

so much beef, she's alone

- And it made her feel alone!

She was travelling outside to Jacob's well

Hot humid 'n' sweaty at midday 12

The only place where she can really be by herself

and here came an op as far as she can tell

A Jewish man

She can understand

an enemy

in different territory

But that man was important

'bout to give her a calling

"Will you give me a drink?" He asked

Knowing the racial tension she refused to do the task

"For I am a Samaritan

and you are a Jew

I can draw water for one

but not enough for two"

Jesus said "I can offer better water than what you can drink"

But the water wasn't formed the way that she thinks

And where is the water if you claim to tell Truth?

Suspicion arose when He didn't give physical proof

Jesus said "For I am the Messiah"

But she said "No, you're just a liar"

Now she's about to leave with her jar

but Jesus states the man she admires

Where her first man left her mistreated

the second was the only Godly

and the rest left all of them defeated

Made others look at her oddly

And she asked "Why are you doin' this?"

"Don't worry about why

because I am your God tending to your spirit

No more will you cry

Regardless of the mountain

you will also be treated to the fountain

with everlasting water

you can count on"

Now she leaves, happily, her jar behind

knowing now is the time

Spread the Messiah's fame

We don't know that woman's name

because we are the lady trying to deflect

when Jesus is trying to help us reflect

Now I give you this invitation:

Come forth with no fear or hesitation

God is calling upon you

Will you accept His salvation?

No more condemnation

Enter His holy nation

'Cause at the end of the day

It's not who you are

or what you may think

It's the Jesus you know

So - will you take this drink?

SUGGESTION: To get a sense of Zion's performance poem, listen to the video below and read the words at the same time.