Acts of service pay off!

We are so proud of our students!

Following on from our WOW initiative of collecting blankets and toiletries for the homeless, our Primary SRC held a bake sale with lots of wonderful tasty treats donated by our parents. As you know, the end result raised $635. However, this is not where our story ends. The Primary SRC then decided to personally go shopping and buy the items needed to donate to Orange Sky Laundry. Mrs Harnett and Pastor JP joined our students as they purchased items from BIG W, Garden City. The store manager, Daniel was so impressed with the students that he donated another $150 towards our project. What a wonderful way for our students to learn acts of service and personally see the end result of their giving and serving. We would also like to thank Mrs van Eyssen and Miss Ugljesa for helping our SRC students with this project.

This is why we love BAC!