Mr Whaytt Receives Innovation Award

Just last week, BAC Support Service Manager Anthony Whyatt won the 2019 Education Innovation Award for South Queensland Adventist Schools.

He was nominated, along with nominees from other schools, for the Support Staff and Volunteers Award with the following reasons:

Anthony Whyatt has introduced "Bus Manager" technology to our bus fleet. It is a cloud based software system that allows us to manage our buses, routes, students, parents and staff through digital mobile technology. With our bus routes and road systems becoming more complex, it was necessary to find ways to be able to monitor our large fleet in real time and respond immediately should an issue occur. Anthony researched the available options and put together a proposal that suited the College's needs and then worked with the company to implement the technology during Term 1, 2019.          

Parents, staff and students can all log on daily to track bus rolls and progress. This innovation has added significantly to our ability to ensure high levels of safety and monitoring that is required in our current complex education setting.

Congratulations, Mr Whaytt. Thank you for your hard work making school bus travel safer and more convenient for our families.

[Have you downloaded the BAC School Travel Manager app yet? You will find everything you need to know about our private bus service here.]