'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' Reviews (onstage at BAC)

by Lorraine Ferris 
Musician and retired teacher

Congratulations, BAC Arts Department on the wonderful production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” 

It was a show of which you can be justly proud, with singing, choreography, speech, animation, costuming all presented to such a high standard. From the moment the band played the prologue to the last bars of the postlude, we sat enthralled and wondered at all the hours of work this must represent and the endless humdrum of practices, diligently executed over many weeks and months. 

These hours were certainly worth it to see the beautiful co-operation between the students and the flawless teamwork to portray the story of Joseph, with its many facets, highs and lows, his unswerving faith in his God, and the many fun aspects of his everyday life. The soloists were brilliant, the chorus enthusiastic. The work of music directors Kym Hassen and Krysten Rowe, producer AlisonTooley, and choreographer Jessica Cameron were very well rewarded with such a top-class performance.

Lyudmila Haycock created an extravagantly sumptuous technicolour dreamcoat for Joseph to wear and many others sewed and created beautiful costumes and sets. Mention must also be made of the configuration of the stage, with augmentation and lighting; the tiered seating for the audience made it a most enjoyable evening of entertainment. 

This musical was staged twenty-one years ago, with the Joseph of that performance in attendance in the audience on Sunday evening. However, it was also presented thirty-five years ago by the then Mt Gravatt Adventist High School! The Joseph of that era was Andrew Cawse, son of our esteemed strings teacher Jan Cawse and brother of strings teacher Wendy Cawse-Lemmon.

It was fitting that Mrs Entermann gave high praise to all the staff and students involved at the final performance on Sunday evening and thanked them profusely for all the time and effort invested in bringing this production to fruition through such a difficult year. She commended the staff for helping the students create everlasting memories of this special event in their lives.

We look forward to more creative music productions from the talented students and staff of BAC.

by Carol Bacon
Retired English teacher

Brisbane Adventist College (Secondary Campus) production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat” was a fun-filled, over-the-top evening of family entertainment. Exactly as Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice meant it to be.

An eclectic mix of music and lyrics (calypso, line-dancing, country and western, French, Elvis-style rock, street dance, ballet, can-can) was ably performed by the cast.

The four narrators artfully helped pull the story together without overwhelming the performers.

The choir added to the joy and, at times, the poignancy of the storyline.

The costuming was colourful, appropriate, and added to the jolliness of the evening.

The brothers were powerful in voice and energetic in action.

Pharoah was funny and played his over-the-top role extremely well.

Blink, and you would have missed the skateboarding goat, but what a fun addition for a musical aimed at family!

Props were minimal but well-executed and this enhanced the overall production.

The choreography was playful and well-executed by the entire cast.

Joseph! A walking work of art in his dreamcoat. Not only a leader in the original Genesis story but also an obvious leader in this musical. Elihon exuded confidence, humour, pathos. His musicality was superb! “Joseph the things you stood for, like truth and light, never die.”

Overall, an energetic, occasionally irreverent, witty take on the original, at times dark tale, filled with powerful music and lyrics. And a cast who gave their all. Excellent uplifting family entertainment.

"Close every door to me 
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone.
For we know we shall find
Our own peace of mind
For we have been promised
A land of our own."

Audience reactions

"Well done to everyone who was involved in making this happen... I'm so proud of this son of mine in this picture. Love it." 
- S Làhveã Elisa (Facebook)

"Well done, everyone. The musical was just amazing. I was super proud of you all."
- Charmaine Wigglesworth (Facebook)

"Bruce even thought it was as good as the many musicals we have seen at QPAC."
- Barbara Myers (Messenger)

"Absolutely loved it! Fantastic performance. Two hours of absolute enjoyment!!"
- Gavin Williams, former principal of BAC (Facebook)

"Amazing night with so much talent! Still can't get the songs out of my head."
- Serina Peries (Facebook)

"Loved it so much!! Brilliant."
- Tamara Peach (Facebook)

"It was amazing. Really loved it."
- Christine Williams (Facebook)

"A musical & performance for all ages … brilliance personified!!! Well done BAC!"
- Michael Sampson (Facebook)

"Fantastic musical."
- Cordelia Andrews (Facebook)

"Loved it. Great performance, great job everyone. Brisbane Adventist College It was Awesome. What a performance from Elihon. He was great. He was just as good if not better than a real performer. Jesse Kiah. What a character. She made us laugh. Another great performer. Everything and everyone was great. I am so glad that my grandchildren attend your college."
- Silvana Stebel (Facebook)

"Such an amazing cast and crew. Well done!"
Suzanne Martin (Facebook)

"So much talent! Was such an amazing night - go and see it if you can, we loved it!!!"
- Wendy Cotton (Facebook)

"Congratulations to all the students and teachers- it was a great night with amazing talent on display. Looking forward to the next one!"
- Nina Filipovic (Facebook)

"Was fantastic."
- Marg Dunn (Facebook)

"Loved the show - such talent."
- Jeanette Dixon (Facebook)

"So professionally done, students."
- Boyd and Lesley Myer (Facebook)

"Was a privilege to see such an amazing performance done by amazing talent. So glad to see it performed again."
- 2000 'Joseph' Tyrone Adamson (Instagram)

"Enjoyed last night. Excellent production."
- Margot Peters (Instagram)

"Fantastic, loved the amazing singing and costumes."
- 'mumcopland' (Instagram)

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