Carpark protocols

There are three main car parks for parents, students, and visitors to use at Brisbane Adventist College. 


Please use GATE 1 and sign in at the Administration Office.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Primary parents are able to come onsite and walk their child/ren into school in the morning without signing in.

EXCEPTION: All Secondary parents, and those Primary parents onsite during school hours (between 8:45am and 3:00pm or 3:15pm) must sign in at the office

In the afternoon, Primary parents are to pick up their child from the designated pick up areas only, rather than coming to the classroom.

Parent/teacher appointments can occur onsite; however, visits are to be arranged with your child's class teacher.

GATE 1 Car park

  • Accessed from top of hill, Broadwater Road
  • Road crossing supervised before school (from 8:30) and after school 
  • Park to escort Preppies to the Prep Centre 
  • Park to escort Primary children to the school gate 
  • Visitors sign in at the College Administration Office
  • Parking for parents and families for school programs in the Student Centre
  • GATE 3 Drop'n'Go

  • Accessed from base of hill, Broadwater Road
  • Before school (from 8:30) and after school teacher supervision
  • 'Drop and Go' for parents with Primary and Secondary children. NOTE: Parents, please stay in your car
  • Car parking available for parents of children attending the Early Learning Centre only
  • PLEASE NOTE: In the afternoon, the ONLY PRIMARY STUDENTS with permission to walk across to Secondary are the following:

    • Students walking directly to the care of their parent/caregiver who works on the Secondary campus
    • Students walking home via Wishart Road
    • Students catching a council bus from WIshart Road

    WATCH VIDEO explaining GATE 3 Drop'n'Go

    GATE 5: Secondary drop off

    Please read instructions for the temporary Secondary drop-off and pick-up zone operating for the duration of the 2021 refurbishments. Refurbishments are scheduled to finish in early Term 4, 2021.

    Once refurbishments are complete, the Secondary Drop'n'Go will revert to the following Gate 5 carpark guidelines:

  • Accessed from Wishart Road
  • Parents, please stay in your car as the carpark primarily operates as a Drop'n'Go
  • After school supervision by teachers 

    STUDENT CENTRE: For events held in the Student Centre, please enter through Wishart Road GATE 4 (preferred entrance, closer to venue and has more parking) or alternatively through GATE 1. You will be directed to the best available parking spot. 

    COLLEGE CHAPEL: For events held in the College Chapel (Mount Gravatt Church), enter through GATE 3 where you will be directed to the best available parking.