Car park protocols

There are three main car parks for visitors, parents and students to use at Brisbane Adventist College. 


Please use GATE 1 and sign in at the Administration Office.

School events

STUDENT CENTRE: For events held in the Student Centre, please enter through Wishart Road GATE 4 (preferred entrance, closer to venue and has more parking) or alternatively through GATE 1. You will be directed to the best available parking spot. 

COLLEGE CHAPEL: For events held in the College Chapel (Mount Gravatt Church), enter through GATE 3 where you will be directed to the best available parking.

GATE 1 Car park
  • Accessed from top of hill, Broadwater Road
  • Road crossing supervised before school (from 8:30) and after school 
  • Park to escort Preppies to the Prep Centre 
  • Park to escort Primary children to the school gate 
  • Visitors sign in at the College Administration Office
  • Parking for parents and families for school programs in the Student Centre
  • GATE 3 Drop'n'Go
  • Accessed from base of hill, Broadwater Road
  • Before school (from 8:30) and after school teacher supervision
  • 'Drop and Go' for parents with Primary children. *Parents, please stay in your car*
  • Car parking for parents of children attending the Early Learning Centre

  • PLEASE NOTE: Secondary brothers and sisters may be dropped off and picked up at the Primary car parks if their parents wish to have only one pick-up location. In the afternoon, the ONLY PRIMARY STUDENTS with permission to walk across to Secondary are the following:

    • Students walking directly to the care of their parent/caregiver who works on the Secondary campus
    • Students walking home via Wishart Road
    • Students catching a council bus from WIshart Road

    WATCH VIDEO explaining GATE 3 Drop'n'Go

    GATE 5: Secondary drop off
  • Accessed from Wishart Road
  • Parents, please stay in your car as primarily operates as a Drop'n'Go
  • After school supervision by teachers