Bus Service

Register for the BAC private bus service 

The Brisbane Adventist College bus service operates eight buses across a wide Brisbane footprint. A waiting list may apply on some routes as availability is dependent on spare seats. Where possible, buses use main roads and utilise council bus stops (please see route information below). First preference is given to ‘Unlimited Fare’ travellers from the furtherest zone. Please note that we do not offer door-to-door service. 

Download Bus Requirement Form to book your child's seat on a BAC bus. Email to Bus Manager Anthony Whyatt on: buses@bac.qld.edu.au.

School Travel Manager (STM) Parent App

Brisbane Adventist College uses the comprehensive School Travel Manager in conjunction with the STM Parent App with our private bus service. The cloud-based system incorporates swipe on/swipe off technology, increasing safety for little travellers and information to parents. Parents can view live the exact location of both their child and the vehicle, and receive alerts with vital information such as delays due to weather or traffic conditions. With this system, you can rest assured that all compliance standards are met in full. 

Benefits of the STM Parent app
  1. The app will send you boarding and alighting notifications.
  2. The app allows you to track the bus. Tap your child’s name to open the travel itinerary. Tap the green band called 'Current Journey' to view the location of the bus. While in this view, tap the little arrow next to your child's name to split the screen for a map and itinerary. 
  3. The icon colour system tells you more about expected arrival time. The GREEN bus means that the bus is running a little early or on time. The YELLOW bus means that the bus is running between 1 and 5 minutes late. The RED bus means that the bus is running more than 5 minutes late.
  4. The app allows you to notify the College Bus Service when your child will not be using the bus. At least 2 hours prior to the bus route commencing, tap the red bar called ‘Remove from Next Journey’. This helps the school bus stay on schedule by telling the driver that they don’t have to wait for your child.
  5. (See screenshots below.)
Downloading your app and registering your login 

  1. Download the STM Parent App from your app store.
  2. Upon downloading the app, you will see a login screen. To register, enter your email.
  3. Your email must be the same as the one you have registered with the school in order to receive the 6-digit code by SMS. If you do not receive this code, please contact Support Services Manager Anthony Whyatt on buses@bac.qld.edu.au and he will help you set it up.
  4. Create a password.
  5. You will then need to login using your registered details before you can begin using your app. 
  6. (See screenshots below.)