Music Excellence

Music is a very important part of cultural activity. It facilitates creative expression and enriches the quality of the lives of those who perform and those who listen. Research shows a disciplined approach to the study of music enhances the study habits and memory skills a student will employ in other academic subjects.
Our music program is designed for students to learn to think in “sound”. In a world that is increasingly saturated with media and music, it is great for students to be able to understand, manipulate, create and perform music and use music technology.
Across their time at BAC, students study a variety of music forms and styles including; blues and negro spirituals, canons, musical theatre, pioneers of rock, music on TV, jazz, music’s greatest composers, vocal and instrumental music.
Senior Music is a QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) authority subject that contributes to student’s Overall Position or OP at the end of Year 12.
Senior Music is intended to increase the student’s skills in the dimensions of composition, musicology and performance. It covers a wide variety of musical genres and equips students with skills of musicological analysis, synthesis and evaluation that are transferable across the many and varied styles of music. Students are encouraged to appreciate quality music and are given tools and skills for understanding, performing and creating their own music. Aural skills are emphasised and each student’s ability on their chosen instrument (including voice) is given scope for development. 
Music Extension (MEX) is a second and more specialised subject offered at BAC. MEX is also a QCAA authority subject contributing to student’s OP and must be taken in addition to the Senior Music course. MEX allows eligible students to specialise in their choice of composition, musicology or performance and requires a significant independent investigative research task in addition to specialised study in the chosen dimension.
Music can be a mainstream career goal in addition to an enjoyable and enriching discipline allowing students the opportunity to develop and utilise their creative talents. Most importantly it is a method through which we worship and engage with our creator God.
The Music Department at Brisbane Adventist College provides quality music education through the P-12 curricular program that is extended by the co-curricular program and through the extra-curricular program. The co-curricular and extra-curricular programs are in turn supported and extended by the curricular program.
Our thriving co-curricular program includes Instrumental Tuition as well as a number of different ensembles. The extra-curricular program provides showcase events including primary and secondary musicals and eisteddfod competitions. 

Instrumental Tuition Program

We are excited to offer your child affordable, quality music education. Our committed, passionate and expert teachers are experienced in the following areas:

Instrumental tuition lessons at BAC operate in term blocks, at a term fee of $300 (as at 2016). Fees are invoiced and collected by the College finance office as per the due date expressed on the invoice. Enrolment from term to term and year to year is automatic. Lessons will cease upon the completion of an Un-enrolment Form (attached below) or if lesson fees are not paid by the due date expressed on the invoice.
Involvement in Instrumental Tuition will enhance your child’s musicality and support and extend the learning in their curricular classroom Music subject. 
If you wish to assess your child’s suitability for particular instruments, please contact our Head of Music – Miss Krysten Rowe, on To enroll your child in instrumental tuition lessons, please complete the enrolment form below and submit to the Administration Office attention K Rowe – Head of Music.
For more information please contact Miss Krysten Rowe by email -


Students at BAC have the opportunity to be involved in a number of ensembles including, but not limited to:

Primary Campus Music Ensembles

Primary Choir: (3-6) Mrs Lisa Lawson, Conductor
Rehearsal Time/s - TBC
Rehearsal Location - Primary Music Room
Audition – TBC
Primary String Ensemble: Mrs Jan Cawse, Conductor
Rehearsal Time/s - 7.30am-8.40am Wednesday
Rehearsal Location – Secondary Music Room (Student Centre)
Audition - All students are invited to audition. However, lessons with a BAC string teacher may take the place of a formal audition.

Secondary Campus Music Ensembles

Choir: TBC
Rehearsal Time/s - TBC
Rehearsal Location - Secondary Music Room (Student Centre)
Audition - No Formal Audition
String Ensemble: Mrs Wendy Le’mmon, Conductor
Rehearsal Time/s - 7.30am-8.30am Thursday
Rehearsal Location - Secondary Music Room (Student Centre)
Audition - All students are invited to audition. However, lessons with a BAC string teacher may take the place of a formal audition.
Vocal Group: Miss Krysten Rowe, Conductor
Rehearsal Time/s - Monday lunchtime (Secondary)
Rehearsal Location - Secondary Music Room (Student Centre)
Audition - Entry into the SVG is at the conductor’s discretion.
Worship Band: Miss Krysten Rowe, Conductor
Rehearsal Time/s - Tuesday lunchtime (Secondary)
Rehearsal Location - BAC Chapel
Audition - All students are invited to apply/audition.
Ensemble Performance Opportunities

BAC ensembles often have opportunity to perform at a variety of school-based and community events including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly chapel programs 
  • Church services
  • Awards nights

  • Commitment Chapel
  • Curricular events: Junior MAD/Applaud
  • Music Extension Recital
  • Eisteddfods
  • Carols evenings
  • South Queensland Seventh-day Adventist Annual Convention
  • Assemblies
Students will be notified about relevant events as soon as possible so that permission notes can be circulated, collected and collated.

Eisteddfod Competitions

BAC music students annually compete in the QUOTA International Beenleigh Eisteddfod. In 2015, BAC students entered in 27 events with outstanding results of 12 first places, 12 second places and 5 third places collectively. 
Students are entered in large and small ensembles and individual events at the discretion of the Music Department staff.

Musical Productions

BAC has a strong tradition of excellence in the area of musical productions. Alternating between the primary and secondary campuses each year, students have the opportunity to be involved in several productions across their BAC experience. Students can be involved as lead roles, chorus roles, backstage crew, hair and make-up, choreography and more.
Primary Musical Productions:
2014: “We Like Sheep”
2011: “It’s Cool in the Furnace”
2009: "Holy Moses"
2007: “An Esther-ordinary Faith”
Secondary Musical Productions:
2017: "Getting To Know… The King and I" (using some Primary cast members also) 
2015: “Fiddler On The Roof Jr”
2013: “For Such A Time As This… An Esther Story”
2010: “High School Musical”
2008: “The Scarlett Pimpernel”


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