Learning for Life

In this one-line Bible memo from Luke (disciple, doctor, and author for the early Christian church) we have a comprehensive description of the education of Jesus:

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man.” Luke 2:52

Wisdom, stature and favour encompass a great deal more than knowledge, skill and readiness for career. The development described here represents systematic growth of mind, body, character, and soul over the duration of childhood and into early adulthood. The College takes this very seriously. For us, education is about learning for life.

The Adventist Schools Mission Statement is the prism through which we examine our practices and responsibilities. It articulates the importance of knowing God personally, the immeasurable worth of every individual, and the vital role that service plays in living within a community.

All young people deserve an education for life.

Mission Statement, Adventist Schools, Australia

“Our belief about Christian education is biblically based with an unashamed desire to emulate the life of Jesus Christ. Thus, the aim of Adventist education in Australia is to create an educational environment that makes it more likely that each student will accept Jesus Christ as saviour and friend.

Adventist education is built on the belief that each student is unique and of immeasurable value. It values the importance of systematic development of the whole person. Students are taught to accept the concept of service as a principle of life; to be sensitive to the needs of people; and to become contributing members in their home, church, and society.”


Adventist Schools Australia supports 50 school campuses spread across the nation, offering Christian education to approximately 13,000 students. The distinctive characteristics of Adventist Education are derived from the Bible, and in their broadest sense develop character and return us to a relationship with God. For this reason, Adventist education imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters the balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional—a process that spans a lifetime. This takes a community in which homes, schools, and churches all play their role in preparing young people to be good citizens in this world and for eternity.


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